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For most of my friends, computers use software. How do I install software in Linux? In Windows, the software can be installed in ten minutes. The installation file setup.exe can be installed easily after the next step. What about installing the software in Linux? Installing software in Linux is also very simple. You only need to use the Linux package manager to install most software in Linux. To increase your interest in learning Linux, here, we will first teach you how to install several very interesting Linux games, interesting and exciting 3D racing games-TuxKart, such as super Mary's SuperTux and Linux Bubble dragon-Frozen Bubble.

Figure TuxKart 3D racing game

I thought that when I started to access computers because of the game, and then entered the computer industry, many friends may have the same experience.

There are many software package managers in Linux, the popular Synaptic Software Package Manager. This software package manager is translated as the new software package manager in Ubuntu. As Ubuntu is recommended, so the following will focus on how to use the new software package manager in Ubuntu. As for more information about the software package, don't worry. I will introduce it in detail later.

To install software in Ubuntu, select system-system management-New Profit Package Manager in the main menu of Ubuntu to start the manager.

Wait for a moment to see the process of obtaining administrator permissions. In the dialog box "you need to grant administrative permissions to install software", enter the current user password. Note that, enter the logon password of the current user, temporarily obtain the Administrator permission, and click "OK.

After obtaining the Administrator permission, you can start the installation. In Linux, It is boring that only the Administrator has the permission to perform installation, configuration, and other operations. Therefore, many Linux versions should minimize the number of times to use the administrator password for system security, the sudo mechanism is introduced. sudo of the graphic interface is introduced here.

The so-called sudo mechanism is to temporarily grant the Administrator permission to a common user. After a common user enters his/her password, the Administrator permission is granted to the sudo user for five minutes by default, this is sufficient for the installation operation, which not only requires administrator permissions, but also reduces the number of times the administrator password is used, thus improving the system security. Enter the password of the current user and you will be able to see the management interface of the new profit software package.

Figure xinti software package management page

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