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    1. Slide the calendar around.
    2. Displays Gregorian calendar, lunar calendar, holidays and Shiber
    3. Implement a single or multiple selection of a month's date.

Use steps

Gradle Dependency

ADD the library to your project Build.gradle

Compile ' com.joybar.calendar:librarycalendar:1.0.4 '

Sample Usage

Implement Onpagechangelistener and Ondateclicklistener interface, if you implement multiple selections, you need to implement Ondatecancellistener

 public class Mainactivity extends Appcompatactivity implements Calendarviewpagerfragment.onpagechangelistener, Calen

 Darviewfragment.ondateclicklistener, Calendarviewfragment.ondatecancellistener {private TextView tv_date;

 Private Boolean ischoicemodelsingle = false;


 Private list<calendardate> mlistdate = new arraylist<> ();

 @Override protected void OnCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {super.oncreate (savedinstancestate);

 Setcontentview (R.layout.activity_main);

 Tv_date = (TextView) Findviewbyid (;

 Initfragment ();

 private void Initfragment () {Fragmentmanager fm = Getsupportfragmentmanager ();

 Fragmenttransaction tx = Fm.begintransaction ();

 Fragment Fragment = new Calendarviewpagerfragment ();

 Fragment Fragment = calendarviewpagerfragment.newinstance (Ischoicemodelsingle);

 Tx.replace (, fragment);

 Tx.commit (); @Override public boolean Oncreateoptionsmenu (Menu menu) {getmenuinflater (). Inflate (, menu);

 return true; @Override public boolean onoptionsitemselected (MenuItem item) {switch (Item.getitemid ()) {case

  Le:ischoicemodelsingle = true;

  Initfragment ();


  Case = false;

  Initfragment ();



 return true;

 @Override public void Ondateclick (Calendardate calendardate) {int year = Calendardate.getsolar (). Solaryear;

 int month = Calendardate.getsolar (). Solarmonth;

 int day = Calendardate.getsolar (). Solarday;

 if (ischoicemodelsingle) {Tv_date.settext (year + "-" + month + "-" + day);

  else {//system.out.println (Calendardate.getsolar (). Solarday);

  Mlistdate.add (calendardate);

 Tv_date.settext (listtostring (mlistdate));

 @Override public void Ondatecancel (Calendardate calendardate) {int count = Mlistdate.size (); for (int i = 0; i < count; i++) {Calendardate date = Mlistdate.get (i);

  if (Date.getsolar (). Solarday = = Calendardate.getsolar (). Solarday) {mlistdate.remove (i);


 } tv_date.settext (Listtostring (mlistdate));

 @Override public void Onpagechange (int year, int month) {Tv_date.settext (year + "-" + month);

 Mlistdate.clear (); private static String listtostring (list<calendardate> List) {StringBuffer stringbuffer = new StringBuffer (

 );  for (Calendardate date:list) {stringbuffer.append (Date.getsolar (). Solaryear + "-" + date.getsolar (). SolarMonth + "-"

 + Date.getsolar (). Solarday). Append ("");

 return stringbuffer.tostring ();




Single or multiple-selected implementation code

 if (ischoicemodelsingle) {mgridview.setchoicemode (gridview.choice_mode_single);

 else {mgridview.setchoicemode (gridview.choice_mode_multiple); Mgridview.setonitemclicklistener (New Adapterview.onitemclicklistener () {@Override public void Onitemclick (Adapt Erview<?> Parent, view view, int position, long id) {Calendardate calendardate = ((calendargridviewadapter) Mgri

  Dview.getadapter ()). Getlistdata (). get (position); if (ischoicemodelsingle) {//Radio if (finalmlistdatacalendar.get (position). Isinthismonth ()) {Ondateclicklistene

   R.ondateclick (calendardate);

   else {mgridview.setitemchecked (position, false); } else {//multiple-Select if (Finalmlistdatacalendar.get (position). Isinthismonth ()) {//Mgridview.getcheckeditemids (

   ) if (!mgridview.isitemchecked (position)) {ondatecancellistener.ondatecancel (calendardate);

   else {Ondateclicklistener.ondateclick (calendardate); } else {MGRIDVIEW.SETITEMCHecked (position, false);






Git address: Https://

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