Andriod SDK Manager Installation Problem Solving method

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A Andriodsdkmanager Unable to download the installation package automatically cannot access

Simply add in the Hosts file

Turn Andriodsdkmanager back on


When configuring Android to install its SDK, the "a folder failed to be renamed or moved ..." prompt, the Internet found the following its solution is as follows:

The installation process error message is as follows:

A folder failed to be renamed or moved. On the Windows this typically means
That a program is using the that folder (for example Windows Explorer or your anti-virus software.)
Please momentarily deactivate your anti-virus software
Also close any running,programs this may accessing the directory
' G:\software\android-sdk-windows\tools '.
When Ready,press Yes to try again.

There are two ways to resolve this:

The first method (seemingly from a foreign site):

1, copy the tools directory to a new directory tools-copy, with two directories in the Android-sdk-windows directory tools and Tools-copy
2, run Android.bat in the Tools-copy directory, so you can update all normally
3, then, close the SDK,
4, Run SDK Setup.exe in Android-sdk-windows directory

The second method:

1, go to the Temp folder of the SDK, there will be a after download (the version number may be different, such as r09)
2, unzip this file, such as extract to Tools_r10-windows directory
3. Go to the Tools_r10-windows folder and copy the files in the Tools_r1006-windows
4. Overwrite files in the Tools folder of the SDK root directory

Andriod SDK Manager Installation Problem Solving method

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