Androi Service+broadcast+timer+ui "Judging by binding service, custom callback interface

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Recent projects to periodically from the server to obtain some information, through the study to summarize the next "I judge the network status as an example to illustrate"


We define a service that sets a timer in the service to check the current application's network connection status through the TimerTask policy. The key is that the service needs to customize a callback interface for sending the network state back to our activity, then bind the current service through BIND, and get callback information after the binding succeeds


service class

Package com.example.androidtimerdemo;import java.util.timer;import java.util.timertask;import;import android.content.BroadcastReceiver;import android.content.Context; import android.content.intent;import android.content.intentfilter;import;import;import; import android.os.binder;import android.os.ibinder;import android.util.log;import  android.widget.toast;public class netservice extends service{@Overridepublic  ibinder  onbind (intent intent) {// todo auto-generated method stubreturn netbind;} Context context context;//Network connection Status boolean isconntect = true;    //timer  timer = new timer (); @Overridepublic  void oncreate () {//  registered Radio      Check network status Intentfilter filter = neW intentfilter (); filter.addaction ( ConnectivityManager.CONNECTIVITY_ACTION ); Registerreceiver (  receiver, filter ); LOG.I (  "tag",  "service**" +thread.currentthread (). GetId ()  ); Super.oncreate ();} Network Check broadcast recipient Private broadcastreceiver receiver = new broadcastreceiver () {@ Overridepublic void onreceive (context context, intent intent) {String action  = intent.getaction ();//  Start the scheduled task if  (Action.equals ( connectivitymanager.connectivity_ action )) {//start now, execute once every 5 seconds tasklog.i (  "tag",  "receiver**" +thread.currentthread (). GetId ()  ); Timer.schedule ( new nettask ( context ), 0, 5*1000 )}}};/ /specific TimerTask implementation class Class nettask extends timertask{public nettask (CONTEXT CONTEXT1) { Context = context1;} @Overridepublic  void run () {try{thread.sleep ( 20*1000 );} catch  (Interruptedexception e){// todo auto-generated catch blocke.printstacktrace ();} if  (Isconnectnet ()) {isconntect = true;} Else{isconntect = false;} LOG.I (  "tag",  "run**" +thread.currentthread (). GetId ()  );if  (ongetconnectstate !=  NULL) {ongetconnectstate.getstate ( isConntect ); //  notifies network state changes}}}//  network state changes, Notifies the state of the current network through an instance of this interface, which injects an instance object into the activity public interface getconnectstate{public void getstate (boolean isconnected); }private getconnectstate ongetconnectstate;public void  Setongetconnectstate (getconnectstate ongetconnectstate) {this.ongetconnectstate =  Ongetconnectstate;} /** *  determine if the network is connected  *  @return  */private boolean isconnectnet () { connectivitymanager connectivitymanager =  (Connectivitymanager)  context.getSystemService (  Context.CONNECTIVITY_SERVICE ); Networkinfo mobile = connectivitymAnager.getnetworkinfo ( ConnectivityManager.TYPE_MOBILE ); Networkinfo wifi = connectivitymanager.getnetworkinfo ( ConnectivityManager.TYPE_WIFI  );if  (Mobile.getstate (). Equals ( State.DISCONNECTED )  && wifi.getstate (). Equals ( State.DISCONNECTED )) {return false;} Return true;}  //defines a bind class Private netbind netbind = new netbind ();class netbind  Extends binder{public netservice getnetservice () {return netservice.this;}} Destroy broadcast, stop timed polling @overridepublic void ondestroy () {// todo auto-generated method  Stubsuper.ondestroy (); Timer.cancel (); Unregisterreceiver ( receiver );}}


Package com.example.androidtimerdemo;import java.util.timer;import java.util.timertask;import  com.example.androidtimerdemo.MybindService.MyBind;import  com.example.androidtimerdemo.netservice.getconnectstate;import  com.example.androidtimerdemo.netservice.netbind;import android.os.bundle;import android.os.handler; import android.os.ibinder;import android.os.message;import;import  Android.content.componentname;import android.content.context;import android.content.intent;import  android.content.serviceconnection;import android.util.log;import;import  android.view.view;import android.view.view.onclicklistener;import android.widget.button;import  android.widget.TextView;import android.widget.Toast;public class MainActivity  extends activity implements onclicklistener{textview textview; textview textview2; Button button1, button2; activity activity; @Overrideprotected  void oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate) { Super.oncreate ( savedInstanceState ); Setcontentview ( R.layout.activity_main ); activity  = this;initview ();} Private void initview () {textview =  (TextView)  findviewbyid (  );textview2 =  (TextView)  findviewbyid ( );button1 =  (Button)  findviewbyid ( );button2 =  (Button)  findviewbyid (  ); Button1.setonclicklistener ( this ); Button2.setonclicklistener ( this );} boolean is; @Overridepublic  void onclick (view v) {switch  (V.getid ()) {case  binding service LOG.I (  "tag",  "click**"  + thread.currentthread (). GetId ()  ); I Ntent intent = new intent ( activity, NetService.class ); BOOLEAN&NBsp;istrue = bindservice ( intent, conn, Context.BIND_AUTO_CREATE ); is =  istrue;break;case ();d efault:break;}} Private void unbind () {if  (conn != null) {unbindservice ( conn );}} private boolean conncetstate = true;private serviceconnection conn =  New serviceconnection () {@Overridepublic  void onservicedisconnected (componentname name) {//  todo auto-generated method stub} @Overridepublic  void onserviceconnected ( Componentname name, ibinder service) {netbind bind =  (NetBind)  service; Netservice netservice = bind.getnetservice ();             //here Callback Netservice.setongetconnectstate ( new getconnectstate () {@Overridepublic  void getstate (boolean isconnected) {// todo auto-generated method stubif  (conncetstate != isconnected) {conncetstate = isconnected;} Message msg = handler.obtainmessage ();if  (conncetstate) {msg.what = 1;} Else{msg.what = 2;} Handler.sendmessage ( msg );}}  );}}; Handler handler = new handler () {public void handlemessage (Message msg) { switch  (msg.what) {case 1:toast.maketext ( activity,  connect, 2000 ). Show (); Break;case 2:toast.maketext ( activity,  "not", 2000 ). Show ();d Efault:break;}};};

Androi Service+broadcast+timer+ui "Judging by binding service, custom callback interface

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