Android 4.4 Kitkat Enable USB adb feature

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After Linux-3.8, the Android kernel branch, then removed the F_ADB, using USB function FS, the user space to implement the USB adb function. This article, based on the original author's Google + article, made a test on the Atmel SAMA5 Development Board, documenting steps such as the following for the reader to use, and you can view the author's original text: 111524780435806926688/posts/aaeccfjknhe

Enable USB ADB on Linux-3.10
enable USB Functionfs when compiling the kernel
When building your kernel, make sure to configure in Functionfs:
Device Drivers USB Support-USB Gadget support
USB Gadget Driver, Function Filesystem
Set the correct USB vendor ID and Product ID
This setting can be placed in the Bootcmd or loaded into the kernel module by the number of parameters passed: Modify your boot parameters to set the vendor and product IDs so adb on your host RECOG Nizes the device.
G_FFS.IDVENDOR=0X18D1 G_ffs.idproduct=0x4e26

Alternatively this can also is done if your built the gadget driver as a module at load time:
    Insmod G_ffs.ko idvendor=0x18d1 Idproduct=0x4e26

Start Android and Mount Functionfs to enable USB Adbnow here I ' m assuming you ' ve got a serial port working. Boot your target device with your new kernel (and insmod the g_ffs driver if necessary), and setup the FUNCTIONFS Director Y:
    # mkdir/dev/usb-ffs    # mkdir/dev/usb-ffs/adb    # mount-o uid=2000,gid=2000-t functionfs adb/dev/usb-ffs/adb

Restart ADBD Daemon If everything is working, you can kill adbd and when it restarts it should find the Functionfs mount and Mak e Use of it.
    # PS adbd    # kill <pid for Adbd>

Then go to cmd or Linux Host to successfully connect USB adb to get Android shell on your Host system, connect to the target using the ADB program:
    $./adb Shell    [email protected]:/#

Hooray there ' s your shell!

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