Android 5.0 Create multi-user open multi-open applications (2)

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The last one tells you how to create a user

Android 5.0 Create multi-user open multi-open applications (1)

Why create a user such as Window system creates a user that operates under the current user, and the Android multiuser system is like a window system

After you create a user and then operate under the current user, you can install or launch an app.

With a user after creating a workspace under this user, install the boot apk in the workspace to double-open.

Specific class operations:

    Package;      Import Android.content.ComponentName;      Import android.content.Intent;      Import Android.content.IntentFilter;      Import;      Import Android.os.Bundle;      Import Android.os.PersistableBundle;      Import Android.os.RemoteCallback;      Import Android.os.UserHandle;            Import java.util.List;      /** * Internal IPC interface to the device policy service. * {@hide} */interface Idevicepolicymanager {void setpasswordquality (in componentname, int quality          , int userhandle);                int getpasswordquality (in componentname, int userhandle);          void Setpasswordminimumlength (in componentname who, int length, int userhandle);                int Getpasswordminimumlength (in componentname, int userhandle);          void Setpasswordminimumuppercase (in componentname who, int length, int userhandle); int Getpasswordminimumuppercase (in componentname, int uSerhandle);          void Setpasswordminimumlowercase (in componentname who, int length, int userhandle);                int Getpasswordminimumlowercase (in componentname, int userhandle);          void Setpasswordminimumletters (in componentname who, int length, int userhandle);                int Getpasswordminimumletters (in componentname, int userhandle);          void Setpasswordminimumnumeric (in componentname who, int length, int userhandle);                int Getpasswordminimumnumeric (in componentname, int userhandle);          void Setpasswordminimumsymbols (in componentname who, int length, int userhandle);                int Getpasswordminimumsymbols (in componentname, int userhandle);          void Setpasswordminimumnonletter (in componentname who, int length, int userhandle);                int Getpasswordminimumnonletter (in componentname, int userhandle);          void Setpasswordhistorylength (in componentname who, int length, int userhandle);int Getpasswordhistorylength (in componentname, int userhandle);          void Setpasswordexpirationtimeout (in componentname, long expiration, int userhandle);                Long Getpasswordexpirationtimeout (in componentname, int userhandle);                Long Getpasswordexpiration (in componentname, int userhandle);          Boolean isactivepasswordsufficient (int userhandle);          int getcurrentfailedpasswordattempts (int userhandle);                int getprofilewithminimumfailedpasswordsforwipe (int userhandle);          void Setmaximumfailedpasswordsforwipe (in componentname admin, int num, int userhandle);                int Getmaximumfailedpasswordsforwipe (in componentname admin, int userhandle);                Boolean ResetPassword (String password, int flags, int userhandle);          void Setmaximumtimetolock (in componentname, long timems, int userhandle);                Long Getmaximumtimetolock (in componentname, int userhandle); void LOcknow ();                void Wipedata (int flags, int userhandle);          ComponentName setglobalproxy (in ComponentName Admin, String Proxyspec, string exclusionlist, int userhandle);          ComponentName getglobalproxyadmin (int userhandle);                void Setrecommendedglobalproxy (in ComponentName admin, in Proxyinfo proxyinfo);          int Setstorageencryption (in ComponentName, boolean encrypt, int userhandle);          Boolean getstorageencryption (in componentname, int userhandle);                int getstorageencryptionstatus (int userhandle);          void Setcameradisabled (in ComponentName, boolean disabled, int userhandle);                Boolean getcameradisabled (in componentname, int userhandle);          void Setscreencapturedisabled (in componentname, int userhandle, boolean disabled);                Boolean getscreencapturedisabled (in componentname, int userhandle); void Setkeyguarddisabledfeatures (in componentname, int whiCH, int userhandle);                int Getkeyguarddisabledfeatures (in componentname, int userhandle);          void Setactiveadmin (In ComponentName policyreceiver, boolean refreshing, int userhandle);          Boolean isadminactive (in componentname policyreceiver, int userhandle);          list<componentname> getactiveadmins (int userhandle);          Boolean packagehasactiveadmins (String packagename, int userhandle);          void Getremovewarning (in ComponentName policyreceiver, in remotecallback result, int userhandle);          void Removeactiveadmin (in componentname policyreceiver, int userhandle);                Boolean Hasgrantedpolicy (in componentname policyreceiver, int usespolicy, int userhandle); void setactivepasswordstate (int quality, int length, int letters, int uppercase, int lowercase, int numbers,          int symbols, int nonletter, int userhandle);          void reportfailedpasswordattempt (int userhandle); void ReportsuccessfulpasswordAttempt (int userhandle);          Boolean Setdeviceowner (String PackageName, string ownername);          Boolean Isdeviceowner (String packagename);          String Getdeviceowner ();          String Getdeviceownername ();                void Cleardeviceowner (String packagename);          Boolean Setprofileowner (in ComponentName, String ownername, int userhandle);          ComponentName getprofileowner (int userhandle);             String getprofileownername (int userhandle); void setprofileenabled (in componentname);//Start workspace void Setprofilename (in componentname, String profiles             Name) void Clearprofileowner (in componentname);                Boolean hasusersetupcompleted ();          Boolean Installcacert (in ComponentName admin, in byte[] certbuffer);          void Uninstallcacert (in ComponentName admin, in String alias);                void Enforcecanmanagecacerts (in componentname admin); Boolean Installkeypair (in ComponentName, in byte[] privkeybuffer, in byte[] Certbuffer, String alias);          void Addpersistentpreferredactivity (in ComponentName admin, in intentfilter filter, in componentname activity);                void Clearpackagepersistentpreferredactivities (in ComponentName admin, String PackageName);          void Setapplicationrestrictions (in ComponentName, in String PackageName, in Bundle settings);                Bundle getapplicationrestrictions (in ComponentName, in String PackageName);          void Setrestrictionsprovider (in ComponentName, in componentname provider);                ComponentName getrestrictionsprovider (int userhandle);             void Setuserrestriction (in ComponentName, the in String key, Boolean enable); void Addcrossprofileintentfilter (in ComponentName admin, in intentfilter filter, int flags);//create workspace void C                Learcrossprofileintentfilters (in ComponentName admin); Boolean setpermittedaccessibilityservices (in ComponEntname admin,in List packagelist);          List getpermittedaccessibilityservices (in ComponentName admin);                List getpermittedaccessibilityservicesforuser (int userId);          Boolean setpermittedinputmethods (in ComponentName admin,in List packagelist);          List getpermittedinputmethods (in ComponentName admin);                List Getpermittedinputmethodsforcurrentuser ();          Boolean Setapplicationhidden (in ComponentName admin, in String PackageName, Boolean hidden);                Boolean Isapplicationhidden (in ComponentName admin, in String packagename);          Userhandle CreateUser (in ComponentName, in String name); Userhandle Createandinitializeuser (in ComponentName, in string name, in string Profileownername, in ComponentName Prof          Ileownercomponent, in Bundle Adminextras);          Boolean Removeuser (in ComponentName, Userhandle userhandle);              Boolean Switchuser (in ComponentName, Userhandle userhandle);  void Enablesystemapp (in ComponentName admin, in String packagename);//Set the app's status int enablesystemappwithintent                (in ComponentName admin, in Intent Intent);          void Setaccountmanagementdisabled (in ComponentName, in String AccountType, in Boolean disabled);          String[] getaccounttypeswithmanagementdisabled ();                String[] Getaccounttypeswithmanagementdisabledasuser (int userId);          void Setlocktaskpackages (in ComponentName, in string[] packages);          String[] Getlocktaskpackages (in componentname);                Boolean islocktaskpermitted (in String pkg);          void Setglobalsetting (in ComponentName, in string setting, in string value);                void Setsecuresetting (in ComponentName, in string setting, in string value);          void setmastervolumemuted (in ComponentName Admin, Boolean on);                Boolean ismastervolumemuted (in ComponentName admin); void Notifylocktaskmodechanged (Boolean IsenaBled, String pkg, int userId);          void setuninstallblocked (in ComponentName admin, in String PackageName, Boolean uninstallblocked);                Boolean isuninstallblocked (in ComponentName admin, in String packagename);          void Setcrossprofilecalleriddisabled (in ComponentName, Boolean disabled);          Boolean getcrossprofilecalleriddisabled (in componentname);                Boolean getcrossprofilecalleriddisabledforuser (int userId); void Settrustagentconfiguration (in ComponentName admin, in ComponentName agent, in Persistablebundle args          , int userId); List<persistablebundle> gettrustagentconfiguration (in ComponentName admin, in ComponentName agent,                int userId);          Boolean Addcrossprofilewidgetprovider (in ComponentName admin, String PackageName);          Boolean Removecrossprofilewidgetprovider (in ComponentName admin, String PackageName); List<string> GetcrossprofilewidgeTproviders (in ComponentName admin);          void Setautotimerequired (in componentname, int userhandle, boolean required);                Boolean getautotimerequired ();      Boolean isremovingadmin (in componentname adminreceiver, int userhandle);   }

Android 5.0 Create multi-user open multi-open applications (2)

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