Android 70 displays data to the screen using the ListView

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To add data using a unit test:

 PackageCom.itheima.showdata;ImportJava.sql.ResultSet;ImportAndroid.content.Context;Importandroid.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase;Importandroid.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase.CursorFactory;ImportAndroid.database.sqlite.SQLiteOpenHelper; Public classMyopenhelperextendsSqliteopenhelper { PublicMyopenhelper (Context context) {Super(Context, "people.db",NULL, 1); //TODO auto-generated Constructor stub    }    //when the database is created, this method invokes the@Override Public voidonCreate (Sqlitedatabase db) {Db.execsql ("CREATE table person (_id Integer primary key autoincrement, name Char (ten), Salary char (), phone Integer (20))"); }    //when the database is upgraded, this method invokes the@Override Public voidOnupgrade (Sqlitedatabase db,intOldversion,intnewversion) {System.out.println ("The database has been upgraded"); }        }
 Packagecom.itheima.sqlitedatabase.test;ImportCom.itheima.showdata.MyOpenHelper;Importandroid.content.ContentValues;Importandroid.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase;Importandroid.test.AndroidTestCase; Public classTestCaseextendsAndroidtestcase {PrivateMyopenhelper Oh; PrivateSqlitedatabase DB; //after the test framework has been initialized, this method calls before the test method executes.@Overrideprotected voidSetUp ()throwsException {Super. SetUp (); Oh=NewMyopenhelper (GetContext ()); DB=oh.getwritabledatabase (); }    //when the test method finishes executing, this method calls the@Overrideprotected voidTearDown ()throwsException {//TODO auto-generated Method Stub        Super. TearDown ();    Db.close (); }             Public voidInsertapi () {//encapsulates all data to be inserted into the Contentvalues object         for(inti = 0; I < 50; i++) {contentvalues values=Newcontentvalues (); Values.put ("Name", "Zhao" +i); Values.put ("Phone", "159" +i+i); Values.put ("Salary", "+i+"i); Db.insert ("Person",NULL, values); }    }        }

The first type of page displays:

<ScrollViewAndroid:layout_width= "Match_parent"Android:layout_height= "Match_parent"xmlns:android= "Http://"Xmlns:tools= "Http://"    ><LinearLayoutAndroid:id= "@+id/ll"Android:layout_width= "Match_parent"Android:layout_height= "Match_parent"Tools:context=". Mainactivity "android:orientation= "vertical"    ></LinearLayout></ScrollView>
 PackageCom.itheima.showdata;Importjava.util.ArrayList;Importjava.util.List;ImportCom.itheima.showdata.domain.Person;ImportAndroid.os.Bundle;;ImportAndroid.database.Cursor;Importandroid.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase;ImportAndroid.view.Menu;Importandroid.widget.LinearLayout;ImportAndroid.widget.TextView; Public classMainactivityextendsActivity {List<Person>personlist; @Overrideprotected voidonCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {Super. OnCreate (savedinstancestate);                Setcontentview (R.layout.activity_main); Personlist=NewArraylist<person>(); //to query the database data .Myopenhelper Oh =NewMyopenhelper ( This);//here, the Interfax this is available. Sqlitedatabase db =oh.getwritabledatabase (); Cursor Cursor= Db.query ("Person",NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL);  while(Cursor.movetonext ()) {String _id= cursor.getstring (0); String name= cursor.getstring (1); String Salary= Cursor.getstring (2); String Phone= Cursor.getstring (3); Person P=NewPerson (_id, name, phone, salary);        Personlist.add (P); } linearlayout ll=(LinearLayout) Findviewbyid (R.ID.LL); //display data to the screen         for(person p:personlist) {//1. Each element in the collection is a new TextViewTextView TV =NewTextView ( This); //2. Set the character's information to the contents of the text boxTv.settext (p.tostring ()); Tv.settextsize (18); //3. Set TextView as a sub-node of a linear layoutLl.addview (TV); }    }    }

Android 70 displays data to the screen using the ListView

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