Android accelerometer for "Shake", with mobile phone vibration

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Because the code is a bit more, so separate write, comments are detailed, easy to learn activitypackage; import;import Android.os.bundle;import Android.os.handler;import Android.os.vibrator;import Android.view.View;import Android.widget.toast; import; public Class Shakeactivity extends Activity { shakelistener mshakelistener = null; Vibrator mvibrator;  @Overridepublic void OnCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {//TODO auto-generated method Stubsuper.oncreate (savedinstancestate); Setcontentview (r.layout.shake);//Drawerset ();//Set Drawer Listen toggle button Direction  / /Get Vibrator Service Mvibrator = (vibrator) getapplication (). Getsystemservice (Vibrator_service);//Instantiate acceleration sensor detection class Mshakelistener = New Shakelistener (Shakeactivity.this);  mshakelistener.setonshakelistener (new Onshakelistener () { public void Onshake () {mshakelistener.stop (); Startvibrato ();//Start shaking New Handler (). postdelayed (New Runnable () {@ overridepublic void Run () {Toast mtoast;mtoast = ToaSt.maketext (Shakeactivity.this, "hehe, success!. \ n Try it again! (); Mvibrator.cancel (); Mshakelistener.start ();}}, 2000);}); Define vibrate public void Startvibrato () {mvibrator.vibrate (new long[] {500, 200, 500, 200},-1);//The first {} Inside is the rhythm array,//The second parameter is the number of repetitions, -1 for non-repetition, non-1 to start repeating}  @Overrideprotected void OnDestroy () {Super.ondestroy () from the specified subscript of pattern, if (mshakelistener! = null ) {mshakelistener.stop ();}}}  shakelistener /** * a monitor for mobile phone shake  * accelerometer  * values[0]: X-axis direction acceleration  * values[1]: Y-axis direction Acceleration  * values[2]: Z-axis direction acceleration  */public class Shakelistener implements Sensoreventlistener {//Speed threshold, When the shaking speed reaches this value, the function of the private static final int speed_shreshold = 3000;//two times the interval of detection private static final int uptate_interval_time = 70;//Sensor Manager Private Sensormanager sensormanager;//sensor private sensor sensor;//gravity sense listener Private Onshakelistener onshakelistener;//Context Private Context mcontext;//phone last position when gravity sensing coordinates private float lastx;private float lasty;private float lastz;//Last detection Time private loNg lastupdatetime; //Constructor Public Shakelistener (Context c) {//Get Listener Object Mcontext = C;start ();}  //start public void start () {//Get sensor manager Sensormanager = (sensormanager) mcontext.getsystemservice (context.sensor_ SERVICE); if (Sensormanager! = null) {//get gravity sensor sensors = sensormanager.getdefaultsensor (sensor.type_accelerometer);} Register if (sensor! = NULL) { //also has sensor_delay_ui, sensor_delay_fastest, Sensor_delay_game, etc.,  //according to different applications, The response rate is different, depending on the actual situation set Sensormanager.registerlistener (this, sensor,sensormanager.sensor_delay_normal);}  } //stop detection public void Stop () {Sensormanager.unregisterlistener (this);}  //set Gravity sense listener public void Setonshakelistener (Onshakelistener listener) {Onshakelistener = listener;}  //Gravity sensor Sensing get change data public void onsensorchanged (Sensorevent event) {//Now detection time long currentupdatetime = System.currenttimemillis ();//Two detection interval long timeinterval = currentupdatetime-lastupdatetime;//determine if the detection interval is reached if ( TimeInterval < Uptate_interval_time) return;//now time becomes last time lastUpdateTime = currentupdatetime; //get x, y, z coordinates float × = event.values[0];float y = event.values[1];float z = event.value s[2]; //gets the change value of x, Y, z, float deltax = x-lastx;float DeltaY = y-lasty;float Deltaz = z-lastz; //Turn the current coordinates into the last seat Mark Lastx = X;lasty = Y;lastz = z; double Speed = math.sqrt (DeltaX * deltax + deltay * deltay + deltaz* Deltaz)/timeInt Erval * 10000; //to reach the speed threshold, issue the prompt if (speeds >= speed_shreshold) {onshakelistener.onshake ();}} Callback the method when the sensor accuracy changes public void onaccuracychanged (sensor sensor, int accuracy) { } //Shake the Listener interface public interface Onshakelistener {public void Onshake ();}  } 

Android accelerometer for "shake" with mobile phone vibration

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