Android and H5 intermodulation steps

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1. Call JS in Android

If: H5 page has a section of the following JS code

function H5test (str) {xxxx ...}

Android calls in the following ways:

Step one: Start support JS

WebSettings ws = GetSettings ();

Ws.setjavascriptenable (True);

Step Two: Load the Web page

Webview.loadurl (URL);

Step three: Call JS in the Web page, note that the function name in the above JS code in the name of the letter exactly the same

Webview.loadurl ("Javascript:changetitle (' Android call JS ')");

2.JS Call Android

Suppose you click a button on the H5 page to jump to an activity page in your Android code

Step one: Start support JS

WebSettings ws = GetSettings ();

Ws.setjavascriptenabled (TRUE);

Step two: Add the JS interface class to WebView, which encapsulates the native operation. Parameter 2 is the entity class name in JS, which needs to be consistent with the name in JS code.

Webview.addjavascriptinterface (New Jsinterface (), "js2android");

H5 page See js2android will go to the Jsinterface () class to find the appropriate method.

Step three: Write the contents of the interface class

public class jsinterface{@JavascriptInterface  //This note must be taken with public void Selectpic () {Intent Intent = new Intent (We    Bviewactivity.this,getpicactivity.class);  Startactivityforresult (intent,100); }}

Step four: H5 page js corresponding code

function Appselectpic () {javascript:js2android.selectPic ();}

Through the above 4 steps, you can click on the H5 page of a button to jump to the corresponding activity

Android and H5 intermodulation steps

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