Android Android console H264 codec mobile video surveillance source code VFW driver

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System Framework

Principle Description:

Adopt distributed network system, install video client software on mobile phone, install camera Server software on remote server, collect camera real-time video, carry out H264 encoding, and publish it in the form of custom TCP server, and use the client software to enter the IP address of the server. Connect and watch live video.

Feature Description:

Currently learning version supports capture 320*240 video, server-side support boot and 3322 dynamic domain name, for ADSL dial friends to provide dynamic domain name server, eliminate the impact of the change of IP. And the size of the H264 encoding packet sent per frame can be displayed in real-time interface. Mobile phone, do not provide human-machine interface input function, you need to set the server's IP address in the code, to perform the local simulation debugging. and support image amplification function.

A Development environment


Using vc++6.0 development environment, using VFW Drive acquisition camera real-time video

Mobile phone side:

Android platform with eclipse3.6 version

Two Presentation process

1, run the server software,

2. Run the phone simulator

3, after the successful connection of the computer simulation watch, the effect is very good. Such as:

The software provides users with complete source code, for users to build their own mobile video surveillance products to provide technical support.

Android Android console H264 codec mobile video surveillance source code VFW driver

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