[Android] Android project architecture

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Preparation steps:

1. Create a project (set version compatible, minimum compatible version)

2. Import Common jar Packages (handles string and encrypted jar files)

Commons Lang,Commons Codec

Commons-codec.jar is mainly used to encrypt the MD5

        // Common-codec.jar MD5 Encryption        Digestutils.md5hex ("12345");         // Common-lang.jar string judgment, null        Stringutils.isblank ("");        Stringutils.isnotblank ("");         // string Substitution        String info= "Aaaaatshaaaa";        " tsh "," Taoshan ");         // string interception        info= "<body>xxxx</body>";        " <body> "," </body> ");

3. Introduction of test Framework (class library and boot appliance configuration)

Application Architecture:

1. Network communication

( Mobile Client Access interface documentation, protocol encapsulation XML and JSON)

( communication with the server via httpClient )

2. Business operations

Public Information

User Information

Business Layer Invocation (how to reduce coupling, cohesion low coupling, using Factory mode)

3. Interface Tips

Unified interface Management

Demand Analysis ==> prototype design ==>==> selection

Network design ==> Business design ==> Interface Development

[Android] Android project architecture

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