Android APK file-related decompilation tools

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1. smali-1.2.6.jar

Purpose: Convert the. smali file to the classes. Dex file.

Note: The. smali file, similar to the. Class file, can be viewed and modified in a common text editor.

Example: command line:Java-jar smali. Jar classout/-O classes. Dex



2. baksmali-1.2.6.jar

Purpose: Convert the classes. Dex file to the. smali file.

Note: classes. Dex is not easy to view and understand. The. smali file converted from this tool is easy to read and modify.

Usage: Command Line: Java-jar baksmali. jar-O classout/classes. Dex



3. axmlprinter2.jar

Purpose: convert an XML file to a common text file (txt)

Note: The XML file in the APK is converted to binary and cannot be read. After conversion using this tool, you can view the Normal XML file.

Example: command line:Java-jar axmlprinter2.jar main. xml> main.txt



After learning the summary of the dohkoos brothers downstairs, I will also summarize the following:



Dexdump.exe, A decompilation tool for androidsdk.exe, decompile Dex files into easier-to-understand text files.

Path: \ Android \ SDK \ Android-SDK-Windows \ platform-Tools


Dexdump: [-C] [-D] [-F] [-H] [-I] [-l layout] [-M] [-T tempfile] dexfile...


-C: Verify checksum and exit

-D: disassemble code sections

-F: display summary information from File Header

-H: display file header details

-I: Ignore checksum failures

-L: Output layout, either 'plain 'or 'xml'

-M: Dump register maps (and nothing else)

-T: Temp File Name (defaults to/sdcard/DEX-temp -*)


Example: dexdump classes. Dex> dexdump.txt

2. dedexer


The tool ddx1.11.jar is used to decompile Dex. It is generally easier to read than dexdump, but it is still hard to understand.


Usage: Java-jar DDX. jar-o-d-r-D <destination directory> <source>

<Destination directory> is where the generated files will be placed.

<Source> is the name of the source Dex file.

-D-if present, more detailed error report is printed in case of failure


-O-if present, detailed log file will be created about the input Dex fi

Le (Dex. Log ).

-R-if present, register trace will be emitted after each instruction

-E <deps>-if present, the <deps> directory is supposed to contain DEPEN

Dencies necessary for odex disassembly. Read the manual for details.



Java-jar ddx1.11.jar-o-d-r-d src classes. Dex // generate the DDX file in the src directory

3. axmlprinter2


View the XML resource files in the APK. Because the XML files are compressed into bytecode, you can use this tool to view them.


Java-jar axmlprinter2.jar androidmanifest. xml> out. xml

4. apktool

The dohkoos brothers have already talked a lot about this. It can be decompiled, compiled, class, and XML resources. It is a good tool. Here we recommend a download instruction for this tool.





Convert an APK or dex file to a class file that can be viewed by the GUI. This looks very powerful.

: Http://


6. smali and baksmali

Similar to the smali file generated by apktool. These two tools are compiled by smali and decompiled by baksmali.



Finally, I wrote a Summary of the Excel file, which should be intuitive and not very well summarized. Let's take a look at it and cut a picture up:





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