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Android applicationsMediumCall CartoonWhen the call interface is turned on, the ring tones and MMs have basically become the standard for mobile phone beautification. However, the interfaces of most mobile phones are still native and monotonous when making and answering calls. To make devices more popular, popular people usually add photo styles to contacts, or use apps like Androidify to create personalized portraits for contacts.Call CartoonTo provide more personalizedAnimationAnd images to make your phone more dazzling.

Application name: Call Cartoon

Supported platforms:Android applicationsPlatform

Price: free

Call CartoonIt is a mobile phone communication interface beautification application launched by Tianji Media Corporation. Its function is to provide a wide range of dynamic images, allowing users to call and receive calls for a better visual experience. You can set different animations for different contacts orCall CartoonYour friends set up a unique personalized video background animation, allowing your friends to answer your phone, instead of monotonous names and numbers, but may be a handsome guy or beautiful girl's face, or any interesting and interesting picture can show your taste and make the other Party feel your emotions. For example, when a friend calls you, the call interface displays the saying "hi, brother, I haven't seen you for a long time !" Is it very warm.

Main functions

1. Configure power-on and power-off.

Click to enter "batchcompute"Animation"Menu, select one of themAnimationTo call or power-off animations. At the same time, you can set multiple audio and video delimiters. When you call or answer a call, multiple animations you choose will be randomly displayed on your mobile phone.

2. Set a call animation for a friend

Click to enter the "sentiment transmission" page.Animation"Menu, select the file you want to setAnimationAnd then directly enters "PowerAnimation"Menu, select the animation you like, and enter the greeting language. Next, you can set the local call animation to display the animation you set when you call the other party's mobile phone ); all call animations anyone calls this person to display the animation you set ).

3. MMS Animation

Click to enter "MMS"Animation"Menu, select your favoriteAnimationSelect "Send MMS", enter what you want to say, add contacts, and click "send. You can also select favoritesAnimation,AnimationIt will be downloaded to "animation favorites" for your favorites to enjoy.

4AnimationFavorites and Management

"MyAnimation"Is to display the prompts for all the incoming and outgoing calls on your mobile phone. You can also query the posts and notifications.AnimationYou can also delete your various animations, and the call and power-off animations you set can be set and converted to each other.

Highlights:AnimationMore, easy to set

Insufficient: network support is required. Sometimes the network is normal, but the communication fails and the related information cannot be obtained.

Killer index: 7/10

Shanzhai index: 6/10

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