Android app Development-Little Witch CSDN blog client Development begins

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Android App Development-Little Witch CSDN blog client Development begins

September 8, 2014 August 15 wish you a happy Mid-autumn Festival

The little Witch had spent weeks and hours developing such an application--the wizard Csdn blog, which belongs to the private customization of such an application, the entire client's data from my blog, is to crawl my blog address HTML page, and then parse the HTML to extract the data, The technical difficulty of the whole client is how to analyze the HTML interface and use Jsoup to parse the HTML code. At present, my application has been developed, the recent period of time will be submitted to the application store for review, and soon we can see such a force full of clients on-line.

This blog is the beginning of the development of this application, the main brief introduction of the whole project, the overall outline is as follows:

1. Project Causes

2. Project Effect display

3. Project document structure and dependency library description

4. Project Function Introduction

5. Series Blog Sharing post-Program

I. Causes of the project

I developed such a client is also interested, because CSDN official does not have a practical client for the author, I think how to develop a client so that they can conveniently view the blog post, looking for a lap, later on the CSDN blog found a great god developed CSDN information client, And the realization of the inside is studied. The main interface effect of my blog is similar to the information client, just make the related adjustment, make it adapt to the effect that I need. Here also thanks to the great god of open source, I have the opportunity to develop a blog on the client, because by studying its use of technology, let me have the idea to analyze the blog HTML code, so that the birth of this application. Open source can promote people's progress, so the wizard will finally be the whole project selfless open source, so that we have a good reference to develop such a client.

Here to say csdn open platform, because this client belongs to private customization, all the data from my blog, if you want to develop suitable for the public, only by calling CSDN for developers to provide the interface, here is very sorry to tell you, I tried to communicate with CSDN technology, But did not get a satisfactory answer, CSDN open platform currently cannot provide interface let us use, so we can only wait.

second, the project effect show

There is no picture of the truth, we are naturally when I by mouth, the following is the Little Witch Csdn Blog Interface Effect:

Main interface

Side bar

Blog Detailed Content

Blog Comments List

introduction of project document structure and dependent library

com.xiaowu.blogclient--Project package name, store interface related code
com.xiaowu.blogclient.adapter--storing content adapter code
com.xiaowu.blogclient.model--storing data Model definition code network operation code
com.xiaowu.blogclient.umeng--to store AU component related code
com.xiaowu.blogclient.util--Store Tool class code
com.xiaowu.blogclient.view--storing custom control code

Dependent Libraries

This shows that the author uses the SDK version and all dependent library projects, here are the
gesture-imageview--ImageView that can be manipulated by gesturesimageloadlibrary--loading a library of network pictures asynchronouslyviewpagerlibrary--View page Switch Libraryxlistview--drop-down refresh and pull-up refresh libraryslidingmenu_library--Slide-down menu library
These libraries need to be previously import into the workspace and then be associated to the project through Addlibrary.

Iv. Introduction to the function of the projectI this client mainly contains the following features: 1. Category Get Blogger blog post list 2. View the details of the blog post 3. View the blog post Comment list 4. Software updates automatically 5. Social component sharing 6. Advertising and interstitial ads Nature is the most important or the last function, the developers are fortunate to develop an application naturally want to get a certain return, the author will be in the form of blog post in detail to introduce how to integrate advertising, and then get a certain benefit.

v. Series blog sharing post-programin order to let beginners or want to more clearly understand the entire client development details, will publish a series of blog to introduce relevant content, such as how to analyze and parse the HTML code, how to integrate third-party components, publish advertising revenue and so on. A series of work, I think all developers want to see the content, the author sacrificed his spare time to do such a thing, is very happy to get everyone's attention and support, in order to be worthy of attention to everyone, in order to spread sincerity, sharing, win the faith, to do these things is worth, the embodiment of value is the driving force of creation.

The final project has been open source, you can go to the author's github download: due to my limited ability, the project may have a lot of not perfect place, or there is a bug, later I will continue to improve and update version, thank you.

Android app Development-Little Witch CSDN blog client Development begins

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