Android Application Layer Knowledge outline

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Java Basics

* Object Oriented

* Java Collection Framework

* Exception Handling

* Java reflection, Spring frame, implemented by reflection

* Generics, static into language

* File operation

Android Basics

* Activity

* Service, Android5.0 new requirements for start-up service

* Broadcastreceiver

* ContentProvider, data sharing between applications, such as contact acquisition

* Permission System

* Intent and Intentfilter, implicit intent, show intent

UI controls and layouts

* Common UI controls such as Button,checkbox

* Common layout: such as linearlayout,relativelayout,framelayout, etc.

* Custom Controls

* View and Surfaceview drawing API

* View Animation effect

* Layout animation effect

* Custom Animation effects

* Efficiency optimization and common problem solving: avoiding or solving oom problems


* Mastering the use of Getsystemservice functions and Sensormanager classes

* Learn to use acceleration sensors

* Learn to use compass

* Gyroscope

* Other common sensors, different manufacturers of different sensors, examples of sensors

Positioning System

* Mastering the use of Getsystemservice functions and Locationmanager classes

* Learn to use the Positioning System API provided by Android

* In China often do not normally use the API provided by Google, so learn to use Baidu Map, or other domestic map service provider API

Common data formats

* JSON format parsing and generation, common service delivery data, fast transmission speed

* XML format parsing and generation, configuration file, semantic clarity

Network programming

* URLConnection HTTP Communication

* HttpClient more perfect than URLConnection, HTTP communication, short connection

* Socket, Live chat, third-party library to implement picture cache loading

* *nio new network Programming API, asynchronous communication, high efficiency

NDK and C + +

* Build NDK environment, Eclipse, Androidstudio not right now

* file, configuring C + + Program compilation properties

* APPLICATION.MK Configuration program properties, whether the program runs on ARM CPU or X86

* Javah tool used, more Java class directly generated header file

* Java and C + + communication and issues needing attention. Java crashes will bounce dialog, C exits directly

Game programming

* Develop Android games using the Cocos2d-x framework

* Using Unity to develop Android games, Unity Development 3D game is very convenient

Android Application Layer Knowledge outline

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