Android blog garden client (5) view comments and search bloggers, android view comments

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Android blog garden client (5) view comments and search bloggers, android view comments

Project address: ZhangTingkuo/AndroidCnblogs. git

1. view comments
// Get the article comment public static final String BLOGS_COMMENTS = "comment}"; // get the News Comment public static final String NEWS_COMMENTS = comment };
<Entry> <id> 2651327 </id> <title type = "text"/> <published> 2013-04-07T18: 06: 24 + 08: 00 </published> <updated> 2014-09-10T15: 14: 10Z </updated> <author> <name> Panasonic waistband </name> <uri> </uri> </author> <content type = "text"> ah... </Content> </entry> <id> 2652650 </id> <title type = "text"/> <published> 2013-04-09T09: 56: 48 + 08: 00 </published> <updated> 2014-09-10T15: 14: 10Z </updated> <author> <name> </name> <uri> </uri> </author> <content type = "text"> thanks for sharing </ content> </entry>


2. Search for bloggers

Search for a blogger. If you enter Chinese characters, you need to perform transcoding in English. There is no difference before and after transcoding.

Http:// T = {TERM} 2. Just as the first 3 T = % E8 % 8B % A5 % E3 % 80% 82% E5 % 8F % AA % E5 % A6 % 82% E5 % 88% 9D % E8 % A7 % 81


            try {                authorName = URLEncoder.encode(authorName, "utf-8");            } catch (UnsupportedEncodingException e) {                e.printStackTrace();            }            path = path.replace("{TERM}", authorName);

The XML format is the same as the XML format of the recommended blogger. Therefore, you do not need to re-write Handler and Adapter.

 1 <entry> 2 <id></id> 3 <title type="text">Robin Zhang</title> 4 <updated>2012-04-04T19:30:55+08:00</updated> 5 <link rel="alternate" href=""/> 6 <blogapp>jillzhang</blogapp> 7 <avatar></avatar> 8 <postcount>290</postcount> 9 </entry>10 11 <entry>12 <id></id>13 <title type="text">Jimmy Zhang</title>14 <updated>2014-09-10T11:15:32+08:00</updated>15 <link rel="alternate" href=""/>16 <blogapp>JimmyZhang</blogapp>17 <avatar></avatar>18 <postcount>83</postcount>19 </entry>

General idea of using android to write blogs

Now that you want to write a blog, you may have read many blogs written by Daniel. Let's see how they write it. I also want to write it. I don't know what to write.
Why is the most common search for Net and C # in the blog garden? It is better to find a job than for java and Android.

I have been an old programmer for more than 10 years.
I first chose c # And gave up java, because c # Can Do C/S, B/S can also do wince, windows mobile Embedded.
However, android later broke the unity of m $ in PC and embedded systems. Now java can do C/S and B/S can do android.

The future trend is as follows: php (lamp) + object-c

I learned from html, html-> js-> vb-> foxbase/pro/dbase-> (> php-> (C #) -> C # (wince/windows mobile)-> mfc (eVC)-> java (android)-> object-c.
I now use more c #, java, and php.
C # is used as a project, java is used as android embedded, and php is the core product of the company.

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