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Android and iPhone use the WebKit kernel for browsing.
The WebKit kernel was first developed by Apple. Later, Apple made it open-source, but Apple continues to develop WebKit. Although
Android and iPhone use the same kernel (different versions), but their performance and Operation Experience differ greatly.

I. Both have the following advantages:

Good support for W3C Web page standards, fast resolution and rendering

Ii. Differences:

Kernel parsing differences

There are a lot of problems with web page resolution in the android browser, and the web page layout will be messy.
Android1.5 is like this,
Android is slightly improved, but this problem still exists.

In iphone2.0
In the browser,
I tried some web pages and
Android will be messy.
Not on the iPhone.

In android1.5, the clicked link will not change color, but it's okay,
Android2.0 has changed this point.

I used
IPhone, its browser in
The kernel resolution is not significantly changed because
The resolution

After all
WebKit is developed by Apple. It is not surprising that open-source versions are outdated.

2. Streaming Media

Although neither of the two has yet to be added to the Flash plug-in
Supported by browsers
Streaming media,
Android browser is not supported yet.

The iPhone method is very simple.
When streaming media resources are used, you can click the link to play the video. Then, you can call the player to play the video.
In Android, opencore supports four or five types
Streaming Media
, In
Add the corresponding
The link is not difficult.
Android is also easy to do.

3. Differences in Operation Experience

The operation experience is famous. Speaking of experience, LG has a very dazzling product. It uses the Apsara stack, has a 3D acceleration chip, and has done a lot of 3D effects.
Experience and
There are still differences in user experience.
With a 3D acceleration chip, it is estimated that OpenGL is used directly for any effect, regardless of whether the speed is slow or not. The actual operation also shows that some effects cannot keep up with the speed.
The experience is built on the premise of high speed.

IPhone, you will know
The browser also has so many operation experiences. The principle of two-finger scaling is very simple.
It is also easy to implement in the browser; double-click is simpler.
Double-click has many functions and effects, from minimum,
The content of the double-click vertex is also placed in the middle of the screen. If it is text content, the size of the area is placed on the screen;
If it is an image, the size of its area is just placed on the screen, and the gradient effect is good, the speed and sensitivity are very good.

Android browsers are easy to implement.

When you
Add the two-way scaling function
In the android browser, you will find that you do not want to use this function because it scales slowly.

You will know about the iPhone,
The two fingers are very fast and sensitive to scaling. This is not because
High CPU,
Using a Samsung chip is not very powerful.
In scaling, the webpage is scaled only when the image is scaled. Therefore, the speed is very fast. Of course
That scaling effect requires a lot of effort, but I have spent a lot of time.

In addition,
The shortcut function bar and address input column of is good,
In android2.0
The address input column also scrolls along with the webpage content. By default, the opened webpage is also the smallest proportion, making it more and more similar.

The horizontal screen animation effect and speed are also very good.

4. Differences in drawing

When you scroll through a web page in a browser, if the speed is fast and the scroll length exceeds two screens, you will see the background square after the web page is not drawn in time. The same is true for operabrowser.
Android does not. When you open a webpage with a lot of content, such as,
It is slow to draw webpages.
Android does not display a background square, but when the scrolling is fast, there will be a DOT card. Their problems are related to the drawing principle, which is also related to the two-point scaling mentioned above. In general,
A lot better. Of course,
Android can also change the image
In this way, the key is to know the principle.

5. Other functions

Features of the android Browser
. You can set the text size, encoding format, save the password,
Common settings such as form data and whether to load limit Crip,
The text search function of the android browser is also very powerful,

Iii. Summary

From the above,
There is still much room for improvement in the android Browser:

1. performance.
Resolution is not easy to change, but you can add
Streaming Media
. This is comparable
IPhone is poor, no way, Apple is
WebKit experts, you can also change
Solve the Problem of webpage disorder

2. UI. In
Android, it is easy to make the UI
As fast as iPhone,
The address input column also scrolls along with the webpage content.

3. Operation Experience. Two-Point scaling effect can be used as an image
The iPhone is as good as double-click functions.
IPhone is as strong as iPhone. Horizontal and vertical screen conversion is also easy to achieve. Haha, browser
The operation experience can be like
IPhone is good.


From the above,
Resolution may not match
IPhone, which can be used in other aspects
IPhone is so good or better.

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