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This chapter is about android. widget. filterQueryProvider, version: Android 3.0 r1, translated from "xiaoQLu", with sample code, welcome to its blog: "", thanks again "xiaoQLu "! I look forward to your participation in Android API translation, contact me



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I. Structure

Public interface FilterQueryProvider

Android. widget. FilterQueryProvider


Ii. Overview

This class can be used by CursorAdapter and CursorTreeAdapter to define how to filter the adapter content.




Iii. Public Methods

Public abstract CursorRunQuery(CharSequence constraint)

Execute the filter query with the specified constraints. This query requires that the results be appended to the adapter through the filter. Convention: When the constraint condition is null or null, the original results before filtering must be returned. (Note: You can use Like and other statements to execute SQL queries in this method)


Query constraints that must be filtered by constraint

Return Value

Cursor representing the new query result)


Iv. Supplement

Article Selection

The CursorAdapter and CursorFilter mechanisms of Android

How CursorAdapter implements keyword Filtering





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