Android Chinese API collection (7) + developer guide collection (2) (chm format)

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The Android Chinese translation group is a non-profit open-source organization. More than 300 people have registered for the group. For more information about the translation group, see here. Welcome to join, send an email to the to apply to join or directly participate in Wiki editing.

Android Chinese translation group WIKI Website: /. Whether you join us or not, please freely edit and share relevant Chinese documents with us.

Official Website of the Android Chinese translation group: /. Provides online Chinese APIs, developer guides, open-source projects, and Android video columns.

Release Date of this collection:January 31, 2012, Covering the contents of previous collections. For the latest version, please follow the translation group Weibo:



This site

Android Chinese translation group-Android developer Guide (2). chm

Android Chinese translation group-Android Chinese API set (7). chm




Due to limited energy, maintenance of the automatic update client is suspended, and the internal organizational structure is still being adjusted. We recommend that you directly participate in WIKI editing.


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