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I have been doing Android development for more than a year. I found myself a lot lazy, and my blog hasn't been updated for a long time. I saw my friends working very diligently and shared their technical experiences, I really admire this spirit !!!

It's usually late after work, sometimes it's time to work overtime, and TMD's hard workProgramApe, the computer time is several times longer than the girlfriend time, the girlfriend is getting angry...

But fortunately, she can understand that this small application made this time allows her to tell her a joke every day, saving her that she is not humorous and has few words, is that true for it silk men...

I have spent two nights talking about this. I have worked as a beauty engineer by myself. The pictures are all my own PS...

First, there are few interfaces. jsoup is used to collect jokes in the "Haha" column from sogou browser, and the jokes are displayed on the mobile client.

Main technologies:

1. I used xlistviwe, an open-source refresh control on the Internet, and optimized and expanded it. I personally feel that it is quite easy to use;

2. Simulate the Netease news client, rewrite the horizontal scrollview, and load data by sliding navigation. However, I use viewpager + view to combine them. I don't know how to directly look at my source code. It's very simple;

3. Network images are encapsulated by imageloder.CodeIt's a bit messy, but it's not bad, loading is fast, and lrucache and File Cache are used.

4. The effect of zooming and zooming images on Netease is that the images are smaller. Because sogou is a dynamic web page, jsoup cannot be used for dynamic data temporarily.

5. the data is locally cached, but the first page of data is cached. It is quite fresh to store the list object in xstream format. It is just your own originality that we haven't seen on the Internet;

6. Let's not talk about anything else. Just look at the code.

After talking about that, download the source code here: Wait, the upload is too slow. I am sorry to post it on the Internet.

: Works
115 Network Disk:
115 online storage package code: 5lb7zq9x

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