Android: communicates with PHP and returns JSON

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A small project needs to read the database, and there is a server at hand. In some cases, I still want to read the data remotely. In case of exceptions

Logcat exception:

Singleclientconnmanager (411): Invalid use of singleclientconnmanager: connection still allocated.

Make sure to release the connection before allocating another one.

Request time failed: socketexception: address family not supported by Protocol

The basic idea is to use a button to listen to events and use httpclient for interaction. <For more information, click here: View>

Core code:


PHP code:

<? PHP

$ Array =Array('Title' => 'name', 'value' => 'domain ');

Json_encode ($ array );



protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {        super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);        //TextView homeContext=new TextView(this);        setContentView(;        Button btn = (Button)findViewById(;        btn.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {            @Override            public void onClick(View v) {            // TODO Auto-generated method stub            EditText edit = (EditText)findViewById(;            Log.i(Tag, "eeeeeeee");            String url = "";            getServerJsonDataWithNoType(url,edit);            }            });    }-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------public void getServerJsonDataWithNoType(String url,EditText editText)    {    int res = 0;    HttpClient client = new DefaultHttpClient();    StringBuilder str = new StringBuilder();    HttpGet httpGet = new HttpGet(url);    try    {        HttpResponse httpRes = client.execute(httpGet);        httpRes = client.execute(httpGet);        res = httpRes.getStatusLine().getStatusCode();        if(res == 200)        {            BufferedReader buffer = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(httpRes.getEntity().getContent()));            for(String s = buffer.readLine(); s != null ; s = buffer.readLine())            {            str.append(s);            }            //String out = EntityUtils.toString(httpRes.getEntity().getContent(), "UTF-8");            //StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder()            Log.i(Tag,str.toString());            try            {            //JSONObject json = new JSONObject(str.toString()).getJSONObject("content");            JSONObject json = new JSONObject(str.toString());            String title = json.getString("title");            Log.i(Tag,title);            int id = json.getInt("id");            String value = json.getString("value");            Log.i(Tag,value);            editText.setText("Title:" + title + " ID:" + id + " Value:" + value);            }            catch(JSONException e)            {            Log.i(Tag, e.getLocalizedMessage());            //buffer.close();            e.printStackTrace();            }        }        else            {            Log.i(Tag, "HttpGet Error");            }        }        catch(Exception e)            {            Log.i(Tag, "Exception");            }        }



The URL is not spelled out. The local virtual server is used, and the local Android IP address corresponds to Therefore, the URL should be spelled as follows: <it seems that the default IIS website can only be used for interaction, if anyone knows how to use hosts to intercept DNS resolution, please leave a message>

String url = "http: // php? Type = 1 ";

In this way, there is no problem!

PS: IIS requires two steps to load the PHP module:

1. Load php5isapi. dll

2. IIS> corresponding website> Home directory> Configuration> ing to load the corresponding php5isapi. dll

Bytes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



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