Android component animation (1)-ball Entry Effect

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First, let's look at the effect:


// Width and height

Private IntLength = 100;

Private IntHeight = 100;

In fact, the reason for obtaining the screen width is to adapt to the changes of multiple Android screens. Although we can often use dip positioning in XML, We need to dynamically add some components more often, however, the value set in the Code is calculated based on XP, so that the software or game cannot adapt to the screen well. Therefore, if you do not need to use XML layout, I think the software interface design is mainly to divide the interface width and height into ten parts (of course, the smaller the granularity here, the finer the interface control, but it is also more troublesome to manage ), and then give it width and height as needed. I am also talking about my own feelings. If you have better suggestions, please do not hesitate to ask ^-^

// Example

PrivateString list = "3 5 7 9 0 43 ";

// Set of animations for the component

Private Static Final Int[]Interpolators= {

Android. R. anim.Accelerate_interpolator,

Android. R. anim.Decelerate_interpolator,

Android. R. anim.Accelerate_decelerate_interpolator,

Android. R. anim.Anticipate_interpolator,

Android. R. anim.Overshoot_interpolator,

Android. R. anim.Anticipate_overshoot_interpolator,

Android. R. anim.Bounce_interpolator};

///// // Balls_item.xml

<? XML version ="1.0"Encoding ="UTF-8"?>

<Relativelayout xmlns: Android =Http://"

Android: layout_width ="Fill_parent"Android: layout_height ="Fill_parent"

Android: Orientation ="Horizontal">


<Linearlayout Android: layout_width ="Fill_parent"

Android: layout_height ="Wrap_content"Android: Orientation ="Horizontal"

Android: Id ="@ + ID/layout"Android: paddingright ="35dip"> </LinearLayout>


<ImageView android: id ="@ + ID/Delete"Android: scaleType ="Fitxy"

Android: src ="@ Drawable/Delete"Android: layout_width ="30dip"

Android: layout_height ="30dip"Android: layout_alignParentRight ="True">



//// // TestBallSliding. java

Public VoidOnCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState ){

Super. OnCreate (savedInstanceState );

SetContentView (R. layout.Balls_item);


Width = getWindowManager (). getDefaultDisplay (). getWidth ();

Height = getwindowmanager (). getdefaultdisplay (). getheight ();


Linearlayout layout = (linearlayout) findviewbyid (R. Id.Layout);


String [] buttons = List. Split ("");

For(IntI = 0; I <buttons. length; I ++ ){

Button button =NewButton (This);

Button. setpadding (2, 2, 2, 2 );

// Control the animation display position.

Animation animation =NewTranslateAnimation (width + 50, I * 40, 0,

0 );

// Set the animation effect

Animation. setInterpolator (getApplicationContext (),INTERPOLATORS[I


Animation. setDuration (4000-50 * I );

Button. setAnimation (animation );


Button. setText (buttons [I]);

Button. setbackgroundresource (R. drawable.Redball);


Imageview Delete = (imageview) findviewbyid (R. Id.Delete);

// Delete the listener


Layout. addview (button,NewLayoutparams (40, 40 ));




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