Android Debugging Tools adb Command Introduction

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What is the ADB?

The ADB's full name is Android Debug Bridge, which is the role of the debugging bridges.

Through the ADB we can debug the Android program through DDMS in Eclipse, which is the Debug tool.

The ADB works in a special way, allowing the IDE and QEMU to communicate by listening to ports such as socket TCP 5554, which by default will daemon the associated network port, so the ADB process runs automatically when we run eclipse.

What's the use of ADB?

With the ADB tools, we can manage the status of the device or phone simulator. You can also do a lot of phone operations, such as installing software, system upgrades, running shell commands, and so on.

In fact, the ADB is a bridge between the Android phone and the PC, which allows users to fully operate their phones on the computer, says Jane.


1. Display all Android platforms in the system:

Android list targets

2. Display all AVD in the system (simulator):

Android List AVD

3. Create AVD (Simulator):

Android Create AVD--name name--target platform number

4. Start Simulator:

EMULATOR-AVD name-sdcard ~/name. IMG (-skin 1280x800)

5. Delete AvD (simulator):

Android Delete AVD--name name

6. Create SDcard:

Mksdcard 1024M ~/name. img

7. AVD (simulator) Location:


8. Start Ddms:


9. Display all emulators currently running:

ADB devices

10. Execute a command on an emulator:

Abd-s Simulator number Command

11. Install the application:

ADB install-r application. apk

12. Get the files in the emulator:

ADB pull <remote> <local>

13. Write files to the emulator:

ADB push <local> <remote>

14. Into the simulator shell mode:

ADB shell

15. Launch SDK, documentation, instance download Manager:


16. Unloading Carrier APK Package:

ADB shell

CD Data/app

RM apk Pack


The main package name for the ADB uninstall APK package

ADB install-r APK Package

17. View ADB command Help information:

ADB Help

18. View log information at the command line:

ADB logcat-s label Signature

The commands behind the ADB shell come mainly from:

SOURCE \system\core\toolbox directory and source \frameworks\base\cmds directory.

20. Delete System Application:

ADB remount (Mounts the system partition to make the system partition writable again).

ADB shell

CD System/app

RM *.apk

21. Get Administrator Privileges:

ADB root

22. Start activity:

ADB shell am START-N package Name/package name + class name (-N class name,-a action,-d date,-m mime-type,-c category,-e Extended data, etc.).

23. Post Port:

You can set any port number as the host to the simulator or the device's request ports. Such as:

ADB forward tcp:5555 tcp:8000

24, copy the file:

You can copy files to a device or from a device,

To copy a file or directory to a device or emulator:

ADB push <source> <destination></destination></source>

such as: adb push test.txt/tmp/test.txt

To copy a file or directory from a device or emulator:

ADB pull <source> <destination></destination></source>

such as: ADB pull/addroid/lib/

25, Search Simulator/equipment Examples:

Gets the list of instances of the currently running emulator/device and the status of each instance:

ADB devices

26, view the bug report:

ADB bugreport

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