Android Deep Exploration--fifth chapter

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For the steps to write a Linux driver: The main step is to build its driver skeleton, any type of program has a basic structure; the second step is to register and unregister the device file, and any Linux driver needs to have a device file, or the application will not be able to interact with the driver. The work of setting up a device file is generally done in the first step of the function of processing Linux initialization, and deleting the device file is generally done in the 1th step of the function of processing the Linux exit; The third step is to specify the driver-related information, the driver is self-describing, and the fourth step is to specify the callback function, The Linux driver contains a variety of actions, also known as events, the fifth step, writing business logic, this step is the core of the Linux driver, the skeleton and callback function of the Linux driver is meaningless; The sixth step is to write the makefile file; The seventh step is to compile the Linux driver The eighth step is to install and uninstall the Linux driver.

Burn Write Android system

(1) before the Android burning, be sure to start the Eboot erase Nandflash, using the Eboot erase steps as follows: Preparation, with the serial cable or USB to the serial port to connect the development Board and the PC, and start the minicom, enter the Eboot state, open the Development Board power switch, Initiating launch in 5 seconds. Tip, press the SPACEBAR on the PC keyboard to stop the Development Board in the Eboot state. Erase Nandflash Enter "A" to perform the erase Nandflash

(2) Burn write Android step: give SD card partition, format partition, write Mmc.bin and Zimage-sd.bin to SD card, copy Android_fs.tar, Mmc.bin and Zimage to SD card, set up switch of development Board. Burning from SD card to write Android

Android Deep Exploration--fifth chapter

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