Android Deep Explore--hal and Driver Development Chapter I

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Chapter One: Android system porting and Driver development overview

The first chapter is a general introduction to the Android and Linux drivers.

Today, Android has become the boss of the current smartphone operating system, the market share has far exceeded the iOS, the main reason is the Android portable, everyone can use the Android source code to make their own system, And Android's architecture is almost perfect. However, the most development in the migration process is to support a variety of hardware device Linux drivers, so the transplant must first talk about Liunx driver development.

Android's architecture is primarily composed of the Linux kernel, c/S code base, Android SDK API, and application four layers, so the core parts of Android and Linux are very small, and the Android SDK API is written in the Java language.

The main advantage of Android is that the transplant can be divided into two parts, the application and the system porting, but the Android application transplant is not described in detail in this book, because Android is the Liunx kernel, and the Linux kernel itself already supports a lot of CPU architectures. So Android doesn't have to be too much of a modification between different CPU architectures.

Learn the development of Android Drive, that is, in the learning of Linux driver development, Linux version number, etc. have detailed provisions, and Linux update speed is very fast, so the impact on the Linux program developers is particularly powerful, but for learning liunx impact is relatively small , because as long as you have mastered a Linux kernel version, others are easy to learn.

GNU C is also an important and must-know technology for learning the Linux kernel, and GNU C is an extension of standard C.

Actually learning Android Development just adds HAL to the technology of Linux driver development, which is unique to Android, but HAL is not required.

Android Deep Explore--hal and Driver Development Chapter I

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