Android Deep explore HAL and Driver Development fourth chapter source code download and compile

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As mentioned earlier, Android porting is primarily a Linux kernel migration, and Linux kernel porting is primarily a Linux-powered migration, so in order to develop and test Linux drivers, it is necessary to learn in Ubuntu How to build two sets of development environments under Linux: Android Application development environment and Linux kernel development environment. The construction of the Linux kernel development environment is the focus of the focus. The following steps are written according to the contents of the book and the information on the Internet:

(1) Configure the Android source code download environment:

(2) The Android source code directory contains different sub-projects of the Android source code, respectively

(3) Download part of the Android source code in two ways:

(4) Compiling Android source code

(5) Out directory structure analysis

(6) Publish your apk as an Android built-in program

(7) Test system.img file with simulator

Driven development based on parsing and compiling test of Andorid source code. You want to use the source code of the application embedded in the Andorid system. and the HAL source code, so from the Andorid the number of source code, Andorid source is still very complex. Two sets of development environments to build, Linux kernel development environment and Android application development. Ultimately, better understanding of Android porting is primarily about porting the Linux kernel. The best way to learn new technologies is not to read technical books or to view articles written by cattle online, but to read the source code of the Linux kernel directly is the only way to approach the Linux kernel. This is when the real idea of the software author is clearly displayed in front of you.

Android Deep explore HAL and Driver Development fourth chapter source code download and compile

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