Android Deep Explore (Vol. 1) HAL and Driver development reading experience 5

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Setting up the test environment for S3C6410 Development Board

S3C6410 is a low power, cost-effective RISC processor introduced by Samsung, based on the ARM11 core (arm1176jzf-s), which can be used in mobile phones and general processing.

I. Installing the serial debugging tool: Minicom

1. Check whether the current system supports USB to serial port: using command Lsmod | grep usbserial

2. Install minicom: Use command apt-get install minicom

3. Configure minicom: Use command minicom-s

4. Test minicom: Use command minicom

Two. Burn and write Android system

Erase Nandflash with Eboot

1. Preparation: Connect the Development Board and PC with USB to serial cable and start minicom

2. Enter Eboot state

2. Erase Nandflash

Burn Write Android

1. Preparation: Prepare an SD card, require FAT32 partition format, insert card reader and connect pc

2. Write Mmc.bin and Zimage-sd.bin to SD card

3. Prepare for Android: Copy the Android_fs.bin, Mmc.bin, and zimage files to the SD card and set up the Development Board's start-up switch

4. Start burning Android from SD card: Insert SD card into the Development Board slot, set the SD card to boot, open the Development Board. Enter the command after the # prompt. Yjsx start copying data from SD card

5. Calibration screen: After installing Android, close the Development Board, restore the switch to the Nandflash boot state, calibrate the screen

Three. Configure the Wired network

Set the IP and subnet masks using Ifconfig, and set the gateway with the route command.

Ifconfig eth0 netmask up

Route add default GW dev eth0

Tip: As many PCs and laptops do not have a serial port, it is recommended to buy a USB to serial cable (the quality must be better, otherwise the reception of data will appear garbled or simply unable to receive data).

Android Deep Explore (Vol. 1) HAL and Driver development reading experience 5

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