Android Deep Exploration with Hal Drive Development (Vol. 1)--fourth chapter essay

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Linux kernel source code directory meaning

Arch:Contains code related to hardware architecture, each of which occupies a corresponding directory. and 32-bit PC-related code is stored in the I386 directory, where the more important include kernel (kernel core), mm (memory management), MATH-EMU (floating-point unit emulation), LIB (Hardware-related tool function), boot (boot program), PCI (PCI bus) and power (CPU-related status).

Block:Part of the block device driver.

Crypto:Commonly used encryption and hashing algorithms (such as AES, SHA, etc.), there are some compression and CRC check algorithms.

Documentation:General explanations and comments about the parts of the kernel.

Drivers:A device driver that consumes a subdirectory for each different driver.

FS:Various supported file systems, such as EXT, FAT, NTFS, and so on.

include:Header file. Among them, the system-related header files are placed under the Linux sub-directory.

Init:Kernel initialization code (note that it is not the system boot code).

IPC:The code for inter-process communication.

Kernel:The core components of the kernel, including process scheduling, timers, etc., are part of the platform-related code in the Arch/*/kernel directory.

Lib:Library file code.

mm:Memory management code, and part of the platform-related code is placed in the ARCH/*/MM directory.

Net:Network-related code, the implementation of a variety of common network protocols.

Scripts:The script file used to configure the kernel files.

Security:is primarily a selinux module.

Sound:Drivers for commonly used audio devices.

:Implements a cpio.

Android Deep Exploration with Hal Drive Development (Vol. 1)--fourth chapter essay

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