(Android design) News android client open source pull, news android

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(Android design) News android client open source pull, news android
The android client of Suzhou Tong is open-source!

First, we will introduce what this project is:

Suzhou life applications
1. Collect the latest news and gossip in Suzhou, and update them instantly to learn about the surrounding life at any time.
2. Real-Time query of the city's bus lines, bus arrival conditions, collection of common sites, bus travel, and so on.
3. Learn about the future weather in Suzhou and update it in real time.
4. Exquisite pictures, hot and beautiful. Metro bus is no longer boring. No ads for free, and beautiful women can watch it at any time. Slide your fingers gently to find the most beautiful women
High-Definition photos of private rooms.



Github address

Pull-down refresh and waterfall stream to be referenced


Since I like to download and ponder over a good open-source project, I developed this project in my spare time,

The style draws on A Dribbble client for android Made by NovelanceF. A large number of open-source projects are used in the project,

There are also many modules that refer to the various big bull on the network. Thank you!

The app is still being improved. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! Thank you (^_^)

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