Android developer Signs and publishes APK in eclipse

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Sometimes the APK file installed directly under the Bin folder will have an error "a packet with the same name with a signature violation installed."

The reason is that this apk is signed by the debug user by default. As long as we set our own signature is OK, the specific method is as follows.

1. Tools for signing. Keytool.exe under the JDK installation path

This is my D:\java\jdk1.7.0_09\binkeytool.exe.

Drag directly to the console (you don't need to set the environment variable), space, and then add some parameters -genkey-alias demo.keystore-keyalg rsa-validity 40000-keystore demo.keystore< /c0>

These parameters refer to the online description: Genkey generates a key-alias Demo.keystore alias Demo.keystore-keyalg RSA uses the RSA algorithm to encrypt the signature

-validity 40000 expiry time 4,000 days ....


Then enter will prompt you for some information such as key password.

For example, one output is available.

Then you can find Demo.keystore under the C-Drive local account folder, which is the KeyStore we signed for.

My demo.keystore found under the C:\Users\Administrator.

KeyStore creation is complete, then the APK can be released in Eclipse.

In the project right-click--export--Select Android--export Android Application--next--next to name, next--Select the KeyStore you just created in Locatoin and enter the password

(I copy the KeyStore to the desktop)

And then next, lose the key password again.

Next, set the path to finish. APK release is complete.

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Android developer Signs and publishes APK in eclipse

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