Android Development 4-Achieve nine Gongge click-to-jump (draft)

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Asked the great God, the great God said with fragment or activity can be achieved, then you have to consider.

First of all, design ideas

The following preliminary ideas,

1, modeled after the promotion of Android teach you to create cool Viewpagerindicator is not only high imitation miui, another activity jump, this too many do not intend to use this, and so see what problems to consider

2, the content area is viewpager+fragmentpageradapter, inside fragment between, frament and activity between the communication what not to consider, we now just want a UI, 2333

3, because it has done a similar percentage of the front-end layout, so here directly control fragment and TitleBar accounted for the percentage of the screen, TitleBar always exists is textview content according to the change of fragment object

4,button and items Click events Control fragment jumps and title text changes

Android Development 4-Achieve nine Gongge click-to-jump (draft)

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