Android Development and testing tutorials

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Android Concise Development Tutorial One: overview

Android Simple Development Tutorial Two: Install development environment

Android Concise Development Tutorial III: The first application Hello World

Android Simple development tutorial four: Android Application basics

Android Concise Development Tutorial V: Activities

Android Concise development Tutorial VI: User interface design

Android Concise Development Tutorial VII: intents and Intent Filters

Android Brief Development Tutorial Viii.: Guide Bee two-dimensional graphic drawing instance function definition

Android Simple Development Tutorial IX: Creating an application framework

Android Concise development Tutorial Ten: Data Binding Binding

Android Simple Development Tutorial 11: Customizing Adapter Display list

Android Concise Development Tutorial 12: Guide Bee two-dimensional graphic library introduction and Color sample

Android Simple Development Tutorial 13: Option Menu Brush Sample

Android Concise Development Tutorial 14: Context Menu Drawing geometry

Android Concise Development Tutorial 15: RadioButton Polygon and path drawing

Android Simple Development Tutorial 16: Button Brush sample

Android Simple Development Tutorial 17: Dialog Display images

Android Simple Development Tutorial 18: Customizing dialog box transform

Android Simple development tutorial 19: Thread Bézier curves

Android Concise Development tutorial 20: Broadcast Receiver SMS Trigger sample

Android Concise Development Tutorial 21: Access to the Internet draw online map

Android Simple Development tutorial 22: Using Resource resources

Android Simple Development Tutorial 23: Publishing Applications

Android Concise Development Tutorial 24: Summary and sample code download

Android Test Tutorial (1): overview

Android Test Tutorial (2): Testing Basics

Android Test Tutorial (3): Test project

Android Test Tutorial (4): Testing the relevant API

Android Test Tutorial (5): First Test project HelloWorldTest

Android Test Tutorial (6): Test activity

Android Test Tutorial (7): Test content Provider

Android Test Tutorial (8): Testing Service

Android Test Tutorial (9): Applicationtestcase sample

Android Test Tutorial: ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 sample

Android Test Tutorial (one): Activityunittestcase sample

Android Test Tutorial: Servicetestcase sample

Android Test Tutorial: TestCase sample

Android Test Tutorial: ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 sample

Android Test Tutorial: Androidtestcase sample

Android Test Tutorial (Monkeyrunner): About Us

Android Test Tutorial: Monkey command line tools

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