Android development Android dialing device

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Android dialing device
1. Create an android project named javacallPhone and create a CallPhoneActivity. java class under the cn. csdn. hr. activity Package.

2. open main in Layout under res. xml layout, set the layout mode to horizontal layout, and drag the Phone and button under textview, text files on the left, and use the new String button. The effect is as follows:



Open CallPhoneActivity. java and write the code as follows:

Package cn. csdn. hr. activity;

Import android. app. Activity;

Import android. content. Intent;

Import Uri;

Import android. OS. Bundle;

Import android. text. Editable;

Import android. view. View;

Import android. widget. Button;

Import android. widget. EditText;

Public class CallPhoneActivity extends Activity {

/** Called when the activity is first created .*/

@ Override

Public void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState ){

Super. onCreate (savedInstanceState );

// Set the displayed View Interface

SetContentView (R. layout. main );

// Obtain the corresponding components in the layout File

Button callBtn = (Button) findViewById (R. id. callBtn );

// Register a click event for the button

CallBtn. setOnClickListener (new View. OnClickListener (){

Public void onClick (View v ){

// Dial

// Get the Editable object in the input box

EditText editText = (EditText) findViewById (R. id. editCallPhone );

// Obtain the entered phone number

Editable editable = editText. getText ();

// Convert to string: editable. toString ();

// Intention

Intent intent = new Intent (Intent. ACTION_CALL, Uri. parse ("tel:" + editable. toString ()));

// Execute

StartActivity (intent );






4. Open the project list file Andriod Manifest. xml, select permissions, and add the user's call permission, such:

Appears in the source code

<Uses-permission android: name = "android. permission. CALL_PHONE"/>

6. run the as Android Application to implement the dialing function.


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