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Google released the android Development Environment Android studio at the developer conference a few days ago.

There are many promising features


  • Gradle-based build support (PS: if the network status is poor, the first time you create a project, it will fail because the download of gradle times out. Just try a few more)
  • Android-specific refactoring and quick restoration
  • Prompt tools to capture performance, availability, version compatibility, and other issues
  • Support for proguard and application Signature
  • Template-based Wizard to generate common android application designs and components
  • The powerful layout editor allows you to drag the UI control and preview the effect.


After the trial is downloaded, there are many convenient human features that give people a feeling of intimacy.

The layout editor is easier to use than in eclipse.

1. The control toolbox panel on the left is more convenient and clear.

2. The property editing Panel of the control facilitates attribute modification.

In addition, the preview function added to the layout editing in text mode is also very bright.


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