Android Development Chart Achartengine bar chart

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1. Download Achartengine Library 2.graphicalview   Graphicalview;graphicalview=chartfactory.getbarchartview (Getbasecontext (), dataset, renderer,  type);//Histogram Graphicalview=chartfactory.getpiechartview (Getbasecontext (),  dataset, renderer);// Pie chart Annotations: A dataset represents a data source, renderer represents a render parameter, and type represents a 3. Set DataSet Data source string[] titles={"test"}; list<double[] > values=new ArrayList<double[]> ();  values.add (new double[]{ 5120.0,21251.0,25610.0});   xymultipleseriesdataset dataset=buildbardataset (titles, values) ;  protected xymultipleseriesdataset buildbardataset (string[] titles, list<double[] > values)  {             Xymultipleseriesdataset dataset = new xymultipleseriesdataset ();             int length = titles.length;            for  (int  i = 0; i < length; i++)  {                 CategorySeries series = new  Categoryseries (Titles[i]);                 double[] v = values.get (i);                 int seriesLength = v.length;                 for  (int k = 0;  k < serieslength; k++)  {                     series.add (V[k]);                 }                 dataset.addseries (Series.toxyseries ());             }             return dataset;        }

4. Setting rendering parameters and types

Int[] Colors={};
Xymultipleseriesrenderer renderer=buildbarrenderer (colors);
Type Type=type.default;
Renderer.setzoomenabled (false);//How did it fail----Use the following method
Renderer.setzoomenabled (False, false);//Success Control--hehe
Setchartsettings (renderer, "I am the title of the Histogram", "", "Statistical results", 0, 6, 0, 30000);
Renderer.getseriesrendererat (0). Setdisplaychartvalues (True);
Renderer.getseriesrendererat (1). Setdisplaychartvalues (True);
Renderer.setxlabels (0);//Set the number of subscripts on the x-axis
Renderer.setylabels (10); Set the number of subscripts on the y-axis
Renderer.setxlabelsalign (Align.right);
Renderer.setylabelsalign (align.left);//y axis number indicates the coordinates or the right
Renderer.setpanenabled (False, false);//Set whether panning is allowed
Renderer.addxtextlabel (1 "Chengdu");//display text at the specified coordinates

        Renderer.addxtextlabel (2 "Xi ' an");// Displays the literal at the specified coordinates

        Renderer.addxtextlabel (3 "Fuping");// Displays text at the specified coordinates
       //Renderer.clearxtextlabels () ;//Clear LABELS
       //renderer.setzoomrate (1.1f) ;//Set the scaling ratio
        renderer.setbarspacing (1f);// Set the spacing of the bars
       //renderer.setlabelstextsize (30) ;//Set the size of the number on the axis
        Renderer.setxlabelsangle ( 300.0f);//Set the text rotation angle to the text clockwise rotation
        Renderer.setxlabelspadding (10);//Set the distance between the text and the axis
         Renderer.setfitlegend (TRUE);//Adjust the appropriate position

Protected xymultipleseriesrenderer buildbarrenderer (int[] colors)  {             xymultipleseriesrenderer renderer = new  xymultipleseriesrenderer ();             Renderer.setaxistitletextsize (;            ) Renderer.setcharttitletextsize (;            ) Renderer.setlabelstextsize (;            ) Renderer.setlegendtextsize (            int);  length = colors.length;             for  (int i = 0; i < length; i++)  {            &Nbsp;    simpleseriesrenderer r = new simpleseriesrenderer ();                 r.setcolor (Colors[i] );                 Renderer.addseriesrenderer (R);            }             return renderer;         }private void setchartsettings (Xymultipleseriesrenderer renderer,  String title, String xlable, String ylable, int xmin, int  Xmax, int ymin, int ymax)  {  renderer.setcharttitle (title);  Renderer.setxtitle (xlable);  renderer.setytitle (ylable);  renderer.setxaxismin (xmin);   Renderer.setxaxismax (xmax);   renderer. Setyaxismin (ymin);  renderer.setyaxismax (ymax);   } 

5. Load the Graphicalview into the layout

layout= (LinearLayout) Findviewbyid (; Layout.removeallviews (); Layout.setbackgroundcolor ( Color.Black); Layout.addview (Graphicalview, New Layoutparams (layoutparams.fill_parent,layoutparams.fill_parent));

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Android Development Chart Achartengine bar chart

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