Android Development Learning-Application installation process

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First an Android project, then compile and package, compile the. java file into. Class,.class compiled as. Dex, package all the files as an apk, compile the code, and not compile the resources.

The. ARSC in the. APK is the index of the resource, which can be indexed when the resource is more than one.

signing-signature, the system detects whether the signature is the same, in addition to verifying that the package name is consistent before the application is overwritten. So the signature is a company's secret, play the role of copyright protection.

We deploy a project, not to install the project on the phone, but the APK install package upload copy to the phone, install this apk in the phone, after the successful installation, automatically open the project, the APK package deleted.

Windows--show view--other--android--file Explorer to view the document directory structure of the Android system

Third-party app save path: Data/app
System Application Save path: System/app
data/data/Package Name folder: The system provides a dedicated space for each application and can only access its own folders

Android Development Learning-Application installation process

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