Android Development Preparation Work

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Android development is in the Eclipse environment using Java Code development, environment and language must learn, most Android applications need to involve the database, Android comes with a database, but also need to have a certain understanding of database programming.

Environment construction

Before you begin, you need to prepare the following environments and programs


Microsoft Windows xp/microsoft Windows Vista operating system

Android SDK 1.1R1

Java Development Kit (JDK) v6.0 or more

Eclipse-jee-ganymede-sr1-win32 version for the compilation environment

OK, download it now!

After the download is complete, build the Android development environment.

1. In the Eclipse compilation IDE environment, you need to install ADT (Android Development tools) plug-in, this is the Android development tool, after you start Eclipse, run the Help-software Updates >>find and install, and press "ADD site" to enter the ADT plug-in URL (below), press "Install" to start the Automatic download installation:

After downloading, the installation Wizard displays two programs that must be installed: Android development tools and Android Editors.

The time required to install ADT is not long and can be run in the background without affecting existing operating system programs. After installation, you need to restart Eclipse to use Android ADT.

Now that the Android SDK and ADT have been installed, all the preparation is ready and ready to start building Android projects.

2. Before you start the Android project, you need to set the path to the Android SDK so that eclipse can find the Android SDK and execute "window-preferences" first.

Click on the "Android" tree list, click the "Browse" button, select the path of the Android SDK that you just unzipped, and then press "Apply" settings to let Eclipse refer to the SDK folder.


Develop classic case HelloWorld

Development steps

Once the reference path setting for the Android SDK is complete, you can start building the classic example of Hello World; Run "File-new>>project" to create a new project.

The new Project Wizard needs to specify an application type, so after "Android", click "Android Project" and press "next" button to continue.

To create a new Android project, enter the project name, package name, Activity name, and application name, and finally press the "Finish" button and the project is completed.

So far, the new Android project has been completed, and the new program is ready to run, in the "Package Explorer" window, open the newly created "HelloWorld" project folder, and right-click on the project name, Run the "Run as>android Application" feature on the Features menu.

If the phone is not yet online with the computer, then Eclpise will open the default Android emulator (Emulator), run the screen as if the real phone boot, as the computer hardware environment, the operating simulator will have different performance, after booting, The newly created Hello World program opens.

To exit the "Hello World" program that was launched, you can press the BACKSPACE (Backspace) on the phone simulator.

Android Development Preparation Work

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