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1. About the Pit

Well, before this first to say, before opening the pit, well, is indeed the pit, the front open two Android development tutorial pit, sorry, there is no motivation, but the source of all, we can refer to the application of GitHub

Https://github.com/joveth/laughter inside the code, related introduction See http://joveth.github.io/funny/

2. New instructions OK, since there is no matter why not pits, but opened a new pit, well, mainly this is simpler ah, two days to fix the simple things ... I xxx, your uncle's ...--!
3. The result is not much to say, as before:

Everyone do not scold, the author is a lazy person, yes, this is for lazy people with the things, nonsense: Mainly a blog browse class application, mainly crawl csdn, Iteye, Blog Park and open-source China's blog column, to provide convenience for lazy people, so that they do not have to open a browser to find .
Software introduction and download installation address see: http://appfun.cn/app/info/appid/183030

Because just hair, other markets have not yet, temporarily on this link bar ...
4. Code GitHub
5. Feedback I hope you give me feedback, thank you ...

[Android Development Series] It blog app

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