Android development training institutions have just graduated 12 K, 19 K?

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I received a call from a high school student yesterday. This high school student has never been involved in programming, nor has he been in college. In high school, he has never completed programming, I saw Android training on the Internet in the past few months. I ran to an android training institution in Shenzhen for training. I just graduated recently and said I just got a job in Shenzhen with a monthly salary of 12 K, it is said that a training course still found K. The subject is a PHPER, which has been in the industry for several years. Currently, mobile APP server development involves high concurrency and big data, in terms of architecture, the salary of the imperial capital is a little higher than this (entrepreneurial company). I received a call from a high school student yesterday. This high school student has never been involved in programming and has never studied programming, in high school, I learned nothing about Android training. I saw Android training on the Internet a few months ago and ran to an android training institution in Shenzhen. I just graduated recently, I just got a job in Shenzhen, with a monthly salary of 12 K. It is said that there is another 19 K job in a training class. The subject is a PHPER, and it has been in the training class for several years, at present, we are developing mobile APP servers, involving high concurrency, big data, and architecture. We have a higher salary in imperial capital (an entrepreneurial company ), Is it because the current salary is usually very high, and even the training has offered this price? Or is it because Android IOS has a high salary, which makes me lose confidence in PHP. After a few years of hard work, no one has just trained me with a high salary, i'm wondering if I want to switch to Android IOS. Is the current salary level in the industry truly equal to this standard?
Supplement: later, I received a call from the employee asking me to pretend to be his former company leader. I asked him about the project and asked me to help me cope with it. It turned out that I had forged my resume, forged several years of work experience ...... reply content: I know this, and my friends are also like this. Your friends are afraid to tell you clearly.
It is still reliable for training institutions to ensure the amount of paid work they find. But...
Training institutions mainly teach three aspects:
1. How to prepare fake resumes or even fake academic qualifications.
Fake resumes and false academic qualifications are not tested by relevant departments.
2. How to handle the interview.
The interview usually asks the training institution which has been well summarized for many years and is able to answer questions if they have practical experience.
3. In terms of learning, I want to learn something, but I just want to learn it well. It is enough to cope with the interview.
What I felt during the chat was that he knew everything. He knew it very well, but he had enough to deal with the interview. Now the mobile Internet is too bubble.

The 12 k price, now wants to recruit a mobile developer, basically can only be targeted at the training level.

The main reason is that the average market price is too high.

However, if the subject is a senior Phper, 20 K should be relatively simple.

This is the situation in this industry, and pig will fly.

Many people are not flying because you have bound yourself to a pillar.

1. 19k may be true, but it is rare.
2. Now the mobile Internet is very popular, or the bubble is already very large. Start-ups are everywhere, and it is common to attract a lot of investment. They are really willing to offer a high salary. programmers can make a lot of money there, but social security is not necessarily complete. Even if a startup fails, programmers make money and these companies are under great pressure to improve their individual abilities. Of course, overtime may be terrible.
3. As far as I know, the Android and iOS training courses on the imperial capital side are very popular now, and some organizations guarantee that your job salary is no lower than a certain value. Otherwise, no tuition fee is required. Benefiting from the popularity of the industry, these fast-paced jobs are generally well mixed. Although I do not understand the kernel and do not understand the framework, it is not a problem to do general application development, I just may not have real project experience or good working code habits (no documentation, no comments, useless code stacks ). However, when these people apply for a job, fake resumes are quite common. They falsely report their years of work and experience, or even fake academic qualifications. I have seen so many people who do not know about the training institution and suspect this situation. As a person from the past, I will not answer this question anonymously.
I graduated from three famous universities in China, Peking University, qingbird, and graduated this year. Although it is not a training android, I think I know more about it.

There are not many such cases,
Generally, 8 k for android, I am a web user, generally 6 k, and the Training salary is higher than the salary of the fresh graduates ?? I have 1-3 years of work experience, OK! For 2-3 years, people do not take 12-15. Why are they still doing this ???
Most training institutions have two types of trainees,
1. I have not learned well at the university. I will make up for it after graduation.
2. I didn't go to college. I want to enter this line.
The salary promotion of training institutions is not very fake. Some people really get such a high salary. Here we don't talk about talent or their efforts in training institutions.
Simply put, you can write your resume without a diploma or fake diploma. If you have no experience, you have to write your resume for 1-3 years. If you write your resume for such a long time, it depends not on technology, but on your age.
That's right. It's about age!
There are many training institutions, some of which are old and debut in the middle,
If you do not keep your resume for a long time, you will not have the advantage of your resume. Naturally, you will not be able to get the salary for publicity,
Because I am younger and 21 years old, it is difficult to pretend to be many years old. My classmates are still in junior high school. I drop out of high school, and I am a technology. I am definitely the first three, but I have a salary, because my resume is a recent junior college student, I can only count as a medium student. I have a few years of experience writing my resume at an older age. This is a fact, I also think that the Internet is too big at present. I found my job with a poor technology and a fake diploma,
By the way, I forgot to say that I am a training class of 2nd kinds. Because I am a fake diploma, I cannot enter large enterprises. The wages of such training classes cannot meet the requirements of 1st training classes. This is not a technology competition, but this society, diploma is really very important.
I plan to stop looking for a job with a diploma next year. I am not anonymous here, and I am not afraid to check me in the company. I was wrong about this. The diploma is really uncomfortable) 1. android generally has a higher salary than php, but there are exceptions. Check whether your php is working in depth.
2. More training institutions are gimmicks. Practice depends on your own understanding. The key is people. If your friend worked very hard in this regard, he had to learn a lot in addition to the training institution. He also deserved 12 K. It has little to do with training institutions
3. I think as a programmer, we should stay calm. You don't have to worry about it. It doesn't really matter how much people take.
4. Stick to it. And constantly expand their own breadth, do not limit themselves to be a PHPer. Share with you! Basically, the salary descriptions of training institutions are deceptive! Totally deceiving !!!!! After training in Chengdu a year ago Average salary3 k-4 k. It may be high now. Please convert them to Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

My training institution did not cheat companies. The training effect was good, and the company and the training institution had a win-win situation. On the other hand, enrollment is too messy. People are deceiving themselves to listen to presentations and register for a high-paying job.

I remember that I had a list of Japanese companies for a period of time, recruiting two people, working in Japan for 3 w a month, and reimbursing travel expenses. Recruitment is offered every day.

There are high salaries, but most of them are normal inbound wages. General Salary: Embedded> C ++> java/php/android> Software Testing

Stakeholder: A former network engineer who is known as the first brand of high-end it training. Many people go to training after finishing their courses in 985 colleges and universities. After the training, they will not only give you a diploma, but also write xx years of work experience. After they enter the company, they will not be new graduates, and they will directly become engineers, are you sure you want to be better.

It's all about experience. Advertisement... The current situation of the Internet in the Red Ocean does not blow off.
Let's blow the bubble together.

The number of first-tier IT Enterprises in China can reach 8 k in this case. If there are 12 SP companies, let's talk about IT. Foreign companies often target graduate students. If you enter code training, you will be able to increase to 12 kb, which means hr is blind.

Code training is mostly based on the elementary code farming technology, circular structure, and basic environment variables. New people who do not know their work procedures, habits, communication technologies, and so on cannot find anything in their stomachs. I learned a set of interview skills from the training institution, except for the HR skills that can be used to fool entrepreneurial enterprises that have never met the technology ...... (Otherwise, the technical surface will be exposed)

PHP is also a very practical technology. Although the Code session is also a new generation for old people, if you rely on code for the channel, you need to consider re-arm yourself. However, Android IOS and other things are superficial. The current high salary is mainly because of the powerful APP concept, a large number of entrepreneurial companies, a large investment, and a high salary. What kind of apps are these enterprises doing? This requires us to think about. There are very few large social network applications, most of which are a level of crude work that is similar to web games, so we can take advantage of the Internet bubble to get gold. As the saying goes, pigs in the air will fly. Speculators should be cautious about this. When the bubble breaks down, investors leave for another investment. What about you? It is true that I was trained by a certain horse in Beijing. Many students originally had a college diploma, and they worked very hard for a few months. There was nothing to get this number. A considerable number of our classes now have 13k15k18k, and of course some of them are awesome. We may not be able to change jobs for a month or two, but very few. As a matter of fact, I found that I had worked quite well for a few years after my work, but they work a few k better than me, so I quit.
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