Android Development--two-dimensional code development and application (reprint!) )

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Android Project development QR Code scan

QR Code scan project based on Android platform to view results and link URLs

    • Zxing
    • Eclipse

      First you need to use the zxing and Core.jar files provided by Google, you can download


      Unzip zxing, and import the Android folder as an item into eclipse


      Open File list, Import Core.jar in the Libs file, and modify the parts of the error (all minor problems, follow the prompts to modify the line)


      Project at this time can be run, effect (I have made some changes to the interface, including rotating the angle of the camera lens, removed some unused features)


      If you want to use the results to open the URL link, you also need to modify some of the code. First find, and open the file


      Find function handledecodeinternally, this function is to display the results of the scan to the function


      Type the function shown in the dialog box to display the URL link, and through the button to confirm access (where Webviewact is a Java file I wrote, is a new activity, using the WebView control to display the Web page, and has its own layout file)


      If you want to show other types of scan results, you can also add the following code

    • To add Core.jar to the Libs file and modify the error to run

Android Development--two-dimensional code development and application (reprint!) )

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