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This article describes some free UI libraries and component resources on the Android platform.


In just a few years, the Android platform has formed a huge and active developer community. Many community-developed projects have entered a mature stage and can even be used in commercial software production without worrying about quality issues.
This article is compiled from androiduipatterns and is intended to share some free and open-source Android UI libraries and component resources.


1. GreenDroid 




This project can implement the following UI design:

  • Action Bar)
  • Quick Action)
  • Workspace)
  • Dynamic List)

And many more useful components.

Project website/Example


Application screen:


2. ActionBarSherlock 



Before Google launched its mobile phone actionbar API, this project was always used with ICS. He recently extended the project to the action bar. There are also components for work areas.

Project website/Example


3. Android Compatibility Package 




This is an official extension from the Google Android library. Compatibility
As the name suggests, a Package is an official Android API or Android service that is not supported by the old platform version.
Package and release a function library not provided by the Framework. It contains many very useful APIs. This package also includes the implementation of the uidesign In the workspace.


4. iosched 




This is an official Google I/O application (also available in GDD, Google Developer Day) (Note: Google
I/O is a two-day Developer Conference held by Google every year, which talks about various technical issues. Developers provide many examples to demonstrate their technology. This project is dedicated to this
The Conference provides an Android application .). This application implements a large number of uidesigns and becomes a Google
Reference Standards for Android device advocates. We strongly recommend that you use the GUI Design Mode of the application. (Google Code link: Dashboard. java)

Project Website:


5. Android-Viewflow


The project's workspace UI design mode is very similar to Google Docs.

Project Website:

6. android-coverflow

This project can be used to complete a cover flow. You can get more information in the video of this project website.

Project Website:

7. android-viewbadger

This project allows devs to display badges without having to modify the layout file.

Project Website:


8. android-pulltorefresh


This project implements the uidesign of the dynamic list/pull-down refresh (pull to refresh.

Project Website:


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