Android Disable status bar dropdown

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 Public  class mainactivity extends appcompatactivity implements View . Onclicklistener {    PrivateObject Statusbarmanagerservice;PrivateMethod methoddisable;PrivateTextView Tvinfo;//Screenpinning_mode_flag = Statusbarmanager.disable_none//    | Statusbarmanager.disable_expand//    | Statusbarmanager.disable_notification_icons//    | Statusbarmanager.disable_notification_alerts//    // | Statusbarmanager.disable_clock//    // | Statusbarmanager.disable_system_info//    | Statusbarmanager.disable_home//    | Statusbarmanager.disable_search//    | Statusbarmanager.disable_back//    | statusbarmanager.disable_recent;    Private Final Static intScreenpinning_mode_flag =57081856;Private Final Static intNormal_mode_flag =0;Private Final Static intScreenpinning_mode_with_back_flag =52887552;Private Final Static intDate_settings_request =0;@Override    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedinstancestate) {Super. OnCreate (Savedinstancestate);        Setcontentview (R.layout.activity_main);        Toolbar Toolbar = (Toolbar) Findviewbyid (;        Setsupportactionbar (toolbar);        Floatingactionbutton fab = (Floatingactionbutton) Findviewbyid (; Fab.setonclicklistener (NewView.onclicklistener () {@Override             Public void OnClick(View view) {Snackbar.make (view,"Replace with your own action", Snackbar.length_long). Setaction ("Action",NULL). Show ();        }        }); Tvinfo = (TextView) Findviewbyid (;//Get Android @hide class by reflection.        Try{//Reflection Get status bar managerClass Clsstatusbarmanager = Class.forName (""); Context AppContext = Getapplicationcontext ();if(AppContext! =NULL) {Statusbarmanagerservice = Appcontext.getsystemservice ("StatusBar"); Methoddisable = Clsstatusbarmanager.getmethod ("Disable",int. Class); }        }Catch(ClassNotFoundException e)        {Reflectionerror (e); }Catch(Nosuchmethodexception e)        {Reflectionerror (e); }    }Private void Reflectionerror(Exception ex)        {Tvinfo.setbackgroundcolor (; Tvinfo.settext ("Reflection Error:"+ ex.tostring ()); }Private void Disablestatusbar(intFlag) {Try{//implementation of the core.Methoddisable.invoke (Statusbarmanagerservice, flag); }Catch(Illegalaccessexception e)        {Reflectionerror (e); }Catch(InvocationTargetException e)        {Reflectionerror (e); }    }@Override     Public void OnClick(View v) {Switch(V.getid ()) { {disablestatusbar (Screenpinning_mode_flag); Break; } {disablestatusbar (Normal_mode_flag); Break; }        }    }@Override     Public Boolean Oncreateoptionsmenu(Menu menu) {//inflate the menu; This adds items to the action bar if it is present.Getmenuinflater (). Inflate (, menu);return true; }@Override     Public Boolean onoptionsitemselected(MenuItem Item) {//Handle Action Bar item clicks here. The Action Bar would        //automatically handle clicks on the Home/up button, so long        //As you specify a parent activity in Androidmanifest.xml.        intid = item.getitemid ();//noinspection simplifiableifstatement        if(id = = {//Enable Back button to return from SettingsDisablestatusbar (Screenpinning_mode_with_back_flag); Startactivityforresult (NewIntent (settings.action_date_settings), date_settings_request);return true; }return Super. onoptionsitemselected (item); }protected void Onactivityresult(intRequestcode,intResultCode, Intent data) {if(Requestcode = = date_settings_request) {//Disable Back button when returning from SettingsDisablestatusbar (Screenpinning_mode_flag); }    }}

Finally, you need to add the configuration file:xml

Android Disable status bar dropdown

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