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Classes found on the internet accelerate access to the Android docs API, mainly because loading js files on the internet is slow, and loading google fonts is slow!

Import java. io. bufferedReader; import java. io. bufferedWriter; import java. io. file; import java. io. fileFilter; import java. io. fileNotFoundException; import java. io. fileReader; import java. io. fileWriter; import java. io. IOException; import java. util. map; import java. util. UUID; public class AndroidDoc {private static final String ANDROID_SDK_HOME = "ANDROID_SDK_HOME "; private static final String TAG = "<script src = \"\ "type = \" text/javascript \ "> </script>"; // private static final String TAG ="
 "; Private static String androidSDKHome; public static void main (String [] args) {Map
Map = System. getenv (); androidSDKHome = map. get (ANDROID_SDK_HOME); if (androidSDKHome! = Null) {System. out. println ("Detected the Android SDK Installation path:" + androidSDKHome); File docs = new File (androidSDKHome + "\ docs"); System. out. println ("It will take several minutes, please wait... "); traverse (docs); System. out. println ("Operation Down !!! Now you can visit Android Doc without waiting... ");} else {System. out. println (" Please configure the Android SDK Environment variable (ANDROID_SDK_HOME )! ") ;}}/*** Traverse the docs directory under the Android SDK installation directory ** @ param dir */private static void traverse (File dir) {if (dir. isDirectory () {File [] files = dir. listFiles (new FileFilter () {@ Override public boolean accept (File file) {if (file. isFile () & file. getName (). endsWith (". html ") {BufferedReader reader = null; try {reader = new BufferedReader (new FileReader (file); String buffer; while (buffer = reader. r EadLine ())! = Null) {if (buffer. trim (). inclusignorecase (TAG) {return true ;}} catch (Exception e) {e. printStackTrace ();} finally {try {reader. close ();} catch (IOException e) {e. printStackTrace () ;}} else if (file. isDirectory () {return true;} return false ;}); for (File file: files) {if (file. isDirectory () {System. out. println ("Scanning Folder:" + file. getAbsolutePath (); traverse (file );} Else {doChange (file );}}}} /*** annotate a line of Javascript code in html ** @ param file * @ return */private static boolean doChange (File file) {System. out. println ("Extracting File:" + file. getAbsolutePath () + "... "); String desPath = file. getParent () + "\" + UUID. randomUUID (). toString () + ". html "; File des = new File (desPath); BufferedReader reader = null; BufferedWriter writer = null; try {des. createNe WFile (); reader = new BufferedReader (new FileReader (file); writer = new BufferedWriter (new FileWriter (des); String buffer; while (buffer = reader. readLine ())! = Null) {if (buffer. trim (). equalsIgnoreCase (TAG) {buffer ="
  ";} Writer. write (buffer + "\ n"); writer. flush ();} return true;} catch (FileNotFoundException e) {e. printStackTrace ();} catch (IOException e) {e. printStackTrace ();} finally {try {reader. close (); writer. close (); file. delete (); des. renameTo (file);} catch (IOException e) {e. printStackTrace () ;}} return false ;}}

Directly compile and run the program. Three lines of comments are replaced by three

There are two reasons for slow loading: loading Google fonts and loading Google JS files.

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