Android Environment Build-eclipse-luna

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Required Software: eclipse-jee-luna-r-win32-x86_64

Required Plugins: Adt 23.02

Other: Android SDK

    1. Environment to build-JDK installation. Eclipse installation
    2. To configure the Android environment variable:

CMD under input adb and Android commands, if successful then environment variable is a great success

  1. Eclipse Install ADT Plugin
    1. Copy Installation
      1. General plug-in installation ideas, features and plugins in the ADT package are copied to the Eclipse directory.
      2. Open Eclipse is installed successfully.
    2. Internal installation
      1. Open the Eclipse IDE and go to "help", "Install New Software" in the menu
      2. Click Add ... button, the pop-up dialog asks for name and location:name to pick it up, location input /android/eclipse.

  2. Configure the SDK directory for Eclipse.

  3. Install Intel HAXM
    1. First download in Android manage HAXM


    2. Directories found in Extrax/intel in the Android SDK


    Speed up the Android simulator by installing as required

  4. Create Android Virtual machine avd-(Android Vsan)

  5. OK, now create a new Android test.
    1. Create an Android project

    2. Name, select the appropriate Android version

    3. Create a new, empty activity. If the minimum version supports the old version, the first creation will be slow and patient.

    4. Once created, a APPCOMPAT_V7 project is automatically generated for compatibility with low-version Android, and then created again. Run for a minute

    5. ?

    6. Run successfully, the Android environment configuration is complete.

Android Environment Build-eclipse-luna

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