Android Environment Configuration 2

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The currently configured environment is the 42 development environment for Android. Currently developed using ADT packages.

1. Download files (ADT bundle for Windows-adt bundled packages)


Click Download SDK ADT Bundle for Windows to get out the following dialog box, and if you have installed Eclipse, you can download the use of the exisring IDE.

Select download for 32-bit.

After the download is complete, unzip,

Open the Eclipse folder, (if you have a JDK installed, you can run Eclipse.exe directly):

Open the SDK folder (after a partial update is installed):

If you are installing for the first time, you will not be able to open eclipse now because you are not installing jdk!!

2, install the JDK, first click on Accept license Agreement, and then download the version at the line, download the installation can, note: This does not need to configure environment variables!!!


After the installation is complete, after opening the Eclipse.exe, the following illustration appears

3, click on the menu bar of Windows, the following Android SDK Manager, will soon come out the following interface:

Yes I also clicked on the android2.3.3 version. Basically the installation is done here.

4, the configuration of AVD, this is relatively simple

Click on Android virtual Device Manager under Windows, come out the following dialog, select Device definitions, choose some of the more popular configurations, Samsung Nexus, select click Create AVD, OK.

Casually say, in the start run, the scale display to real size check on the tick, otherwise the simulator comes out very large, not the actual screen size.

Summary: I new Hello world also has a problem, prompting the following error

The solution is to select the project hello, right-click, select Properties, the is library's check off, ok!

Paste a picture of running, Roar, Environment installation success ~ ~ ~

Android Environment Configuration 2

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