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The full name of the ADB, Android Debug Bridge, is a tool in the Android SDK that allows you to manipulate the Android emulator or the real andriod device directly. It mainly has the following functions:

1. Shell running the device (command line)
2. Port mapping for Management simulator ring device
3. Upload/download files between computer and device
4. Install the local APK software to the simulator ring Android device

adb tool Location:<path-to-sdk>/tools/adb

adb source location:<path-to-sourcecode>/system/core/adb

adb composition and implementation principle:ADB itself is a client server application consisting of 3 components, client, Server, Daemon,

For the use of the ADB command, first you have to configure the ADB environment variables, this Baidu on a large pile, this is not described here.

Here are some common uses of the ADB command, if you want to see all the adb command, Google search, suggest that Baidu will forget

View device * ADB devices This command is to view the currently connected device, the Android device connected to the computer or the emulator will list the display installation software * ADB Install<apkfile path>This command installs the specified APK file on the device. Uninstall software * ADB uninstall<Software name>* adb uninstall-k<Software name>If you add the-K parameter, the software is uninstalled but the configuration and cache files are preserved. Login Device Shell * adb shell This command will log into the device's shell. * adb Shell<CommandCommand>back Add<CommandCommand>will be directly running the device command, equivalent to executing a remote command to send files from the computer to the device * ADB push<Local Path> <Remote Path>use the push command to copy files or folders on your computer to your device (mobile phone) to download files from your device to your computer * adb pull<Remote Path> <Local Path>use the Pull command to copy the files or folders on the device (phone) to the local computer display Help information * ADB help this command will display the assistance information to view the bug report * adb bugreport This command will show bug report start and close ADB service * adb Kil L-server close adb service * ADB start-server Open Simulator may be abnormal after running for a period of time (very slow, etc.), this is the need to restart the service, if the simulator shut down, and then open a little bit of trouble. Restart your phone * adb reboot This command will help you to restart your phone directly

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Android essay--android adb detailed

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