Android Essentials--broadcastreceiver

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  1. Built in the main thread of the UI, no time-consuming operation;

  2. Short life cycle, mainly to play a transitional role;

  3. Target components: Notification, Activity, Service;

  4. Two ways of registering:

    (1) Dynamic registration, usually in Onresume () call Context.registerreceiver () registration, in OnPause () call Unregisterreceiver () logoff;

    (2) static registration, registration in the registration document;

    Usually, the event of high trigger rate is not suitable for static registration;

  5. The broadcasts sent are divided into ordinary broadcasts and ordered broadcasts:

    (1) General broadcasting: All receivers registered with the broadcast are allowed to receive the broadcast;

    (2) Orderly broadcast: The receiver's priority is arranged to accept the broadcast, the recipient with high priority can terminate the broadcast (Broadcastreceiver.abortreceiver ()) and can add additional data during propagation ( Broadcastreceiver.setresult ()), after which the recipient can receive the data and process it (Broadcasereceiver.getresultdata ());

Android Essentials--broadcastreceiver

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