Android Example source integration Android Mainstream excellent third party component framework

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This is a development package that integrates the current Android mainstream excellent third-party components, excellent and easy-to-use custom controls, utility class packages, and some app common modules (such as version updates, feedback, boot interfaces, etc.) to help programmers quickly develop their apps

Third-party open source components are integrated:

Network Request Library Android-async-http
Picture Asynchronous Loading Library Universal-image-loader
SQLite database Operation Ormlite-android
Social sharing sharesdk+ SMS Verification code
Zxing Two-dimensional code library
Baidu Map Positioning SDK
Google relies on injection library Roboguice
WebService Call Library KSOAP2
XML parsing XStream
Animated Open Source Library Nineoldandroids
Form Validation Library Android-validation-komensky
More excellent open source libraries await integration ...
Packaged Tool classes:

HTTP network communication Tool Class (, get/post request, supports multiple interface callbacks
SOAP Protocol Communication Tool Class (, WebService interface based on asynchronous callback request
SQLite Database Operations Tool Class (, get DAO, create TABLE, delete table and other APIs
Tip Information Dialog Tool Class (, three tips for integrating bubbles, toast, and dialog boxes
File Manipulation Tool Class (, assets/raw/xml/shreperface/and other file read/write API
Map Positioning Tool Class (, read GPS status, request location, obtain latitude and longitude and other methods
Social Sharing tool Class (, the major development platform to share API operations
SMS Verification Code Tool Class (, Mobile/Unicom/Telecom Three network send SMS verification code, asynchronous callback verification results
String manipulation tool Class (, generating UUID, non-null non-null logical judgment, generating MD5 and other common methods
Data manipulation Tool Class (, automatic recursive acquisition of form data encapsulated into map, local data paging common method, etc.
Image manipulation Tool Class (, generate two-dimensional code, verification code, grayscale, composition, fillet, watermark and other operations
Read the Local Resource Tool Class (, reflect the local resource file API, avoid relying on R files, facilitate the release of Jar form
Android Unit conversion Tool Class (, SP/DP/PX Mutual transfer
Custom Toast Tool Class (, custom background color, font color, size, border, and more
Properties Operation Tool Class (, read and write properties file operation
Network Operation Tool Class (, get network information, change the switch network and other related operations
Date manipulation Tool Class ( for operations such as date, date addition, formatting date, date conversion, and so on
XML manipulation Tool Class (, parsing based on Dom/xmlpullpaser mode, generating XML operations
XMPP Action Tool Class (, related API operations based on XMPP protocol
Fit Font Tool Class (, Code automatically scales view font size based on device density
Log Related tool class ( feature----cut into log exception logs and store files or upload to server
Custom controls are encapsulated/collected:

Compatible with low version Switchbutton
Append custom property value to Checkbox/radiobutton/radiogroup/singlespinner
Fillet tip Information Tipsview
Fillet picture Roundimageview
Custom Style style ProgressDialog
Custom Style WebView
Round progress bar (Roundprogressbar), Vertical progress bar (Verticalprogressbar)
Open source Excellent custom controls: imageindicator (Picture carousel/Boot interface), Pulltorefresh, Xlistview, tablefixheaders (horizontal + vertical scrolling + first row + first column freeze table), Viewpager

Project Source git homepage: Before also introduced this kind of project source code, can click Homepage's development Framework Classification download.

Android Example source integration Android Mainstream excellent third party component framework

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