Android font settings, Roboto font use

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One, custom fonts typeface setting fonts using TTF font files

We can put the TTF font file in the program and use typeface to set the font in the program.
The first step is to create a new fonts directory under the assets directory and place the TTF font file here.
In the second step, the program calls:

[Java] view plaincopy

  1. Assetmanager mgr=getassets (); //Get Assetmanager   

  2. Typeface Tf=typeface.createfromasset (Mgr, "Fonts/ttf.ttf"); //According to the path to get typeface   

  3. Tv=findviewbyid (;

  4. Tv.settypeface (TF); //Set Font   

2. Use the android:textstyle= "bold" in the XML file to set the English to bold, but you cannot set the Chinese to bold,
The way to set Chinese to bold is:

[Java] view plaincopy

  1. TextView TV = (TextView) Findviewbyid (R.ID.TEXTVIEW01);

  2. Tv.getpaint (). Setfakeboldtext (true); //Chinese Imitation "bold"--use Textpaint's faux "bold" setting Setfakeboldtext to True.   

Note: Some fonts in Chinese are not valid, although they will not be error, but not Chinese. Second, the use of Roboto

The default font has been used Roboto since Android4.0, and here's how to use it:

[Java] view plaincopy

  1. android:fontfamily= "Sans-serif"   span class= "comment" style= "Margin:0px;padding:0px;border:none;color:rgb (0,130,0); background-color:inherit;" >// roboto regular

  2. android: Fontfamily= "Sans-serif-light"    roboto light

  3. android: Fontfamily= "Sans-serif-condensed"    roboto condensed   

  4. android:fontfamily="Sans-serif-thin" //Roboto thin (Android 4.2)

  5. //in combination with   

  6. android:textstyle="Normal|bold|italic"

Available parameters:

Condensed Regular
Condensed italic
Condensed Bold
Condensed Bold-italic

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Android font settings, Roboto font use

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