Android Frame----> Sinking text Titanic use

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Titanic is a simple illusion obtained by applying an animated translation on the TextView textpaint Shader ' s matrix.

Use of Titanic

Titanic, the project structure is as follows:

First, download the Titanic and deploy to the project,

Titanic's project address: Https://

In the project we need three files to use Titanic:,, and Wave.png. Of course wave.png can be modified, and the resource is referenced in the

Second, its use is relatively simple, is the same as the normal use of custom view.

Defining Titanictextview in XML

< Com.romainpiel.titanic.library.TitanicTextView     Android:id = "@+id/titanic_tv"     android:layout_width= "Wrap_content"    android:layout_height= "Wrap_ Content "    android:textcolor=" #212121 "    android:textsize=" 70SP "

Start animation

New Titanic (); Titanic.start (Mytitanictextview);

Cancel Animation

Titanic.cancel ();

Third, we can also modify its font, which is the same as the normal modification of the font.

Introducing TTF fonts in assets, where we can write a helper class typefaces

 PackageCom.example.titanictextview;ImportAndroid.content.Context;;ImportAndroid.util.Log;Importjava.util.Hashtable;/*** Created by Linux on 2016/6/9.*/ Public classtypefaces {Private Static FinalString TAG = "typefaces"; Private Static Finalhashtable<string, typeface> cache =NewHashtable<string, typeface>();  Public StaticTypeface Get (Context C, String Assetpath) {synchronized(cache) {if(!Cache.containskey (Assetpath)) {                Try{Typeface T=Typeface.createfromasset (C.getassets (), Assetpath);                Cache.put (Assetpath, T); } Catch(Exception e) {log.e (TAG,"Could not get typeface '" + Assetpath + "' because" +e.getmessage ()); return NULL; }            }            returnCache.get (Assetpath); }    }}

Titanictextview before the SetText method, call the

Titanictextview.settypeface (Typefaces.get (This, "Satisfy-regular.ttf"));

Four, the operation effect is as follows:

 PackageCom.example.titanictextview;ImportAndroid.os.Bundle;;ImportAndroid.view.View;ImportCom.romainpiel.titanic.library.Titanic;ImportCom.romainpiel.titanic.library.TitanicTextView; Public classMainactivityextendsappcompatactivity {PrivateTitanictextview Titanictextview; PrivateTitanic Titanic; @Overrideprotected voidonCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {Super. OnCreate (savedinstancestate);        Setcontentview (R.layout.activity_main); Titanictextview=(Titanictextview) Findviewbyid (R.ID.TITANIC_TV); Titanic=NewTitanic (); }    //Click to start     Public voidstarttitianic (view view) {Titanictextview.settypeface (Typefaces.get ( This, "Satisfy-regular.ttf")); Titanictextview.settext ("I Love you!");    Titanic.start (Titanictextview); }    //Click End     Public voidcanceltitianic (view view) {Titanic.cancel (); }}
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Android Frame----> Sinking text Titanic use

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